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How to make a candle lampshade

candle lampshades

There’s something really cute about candle lampshades.

Follow our step by step tutorial and learn how to make a candle lampshade.

Mini lampshades that simply slot onto a light bulb like a well-tailored dress, and they’re versatile: use them on ceiling, wall or on table lamp fittings. So many options!

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Learn how to make your own candle lampshades using our Needcraft candle lampshade kit.

What you’ll need:

  1. Your choice of fabric or paper to cover the lampshades. Remember, the thicker the fabric the less light will show through.

  2. A candle lampshade kit

This kit makes a pair of professional candle clip lampshades and only takes between half and hour to one hour depending on how confident you are and how much coffee you’ve had to drink!


2 x Lampshade rings 2 x Lampshade rings with bulb clip fitting 2 x Self adhesive lampshade panels with 13mm kiss cut. 1 x 3mtr roll self adhesive tape 2 x Rolled Edge tool for finishing Instruction Sheet

  1. Place your pre-ironed fabric covering (or nice and flat paper) on a flat surface, front side facing down.

  2. Ensure there are no stray bits of fabric/ thread/ dust anywhere on your covering, otherwise these will forever remain a part of your finished lampshade!

  3. Place your PVC  on top of the covering, paper side facing down.

  4. When you are happy with the placing of the fabric (think of the pattern here, if you have one, and where the front of the shade is (in the middle of the PVC).

  5. Gently peel the paper off the PVC from underneath, keeping your fabric in place, bit by bit, each time rubbing/ pressing the sticky PVC onto the fabric to ensure a firm adhesion, smoothing any creases or bubbles. Continue until all the paper is removed and the fabric is fully stuck to the PVC.

  6. Give it another firm rub all over.

  7. Now cut your fabric all around the PVC as close up to the edges as you can and get rid of any fray bits of paper or fabric.

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How to make a candle lampshade
  1. Snap and peel off the ‘kiss cut’ PVC strips, top, bottom and side to reveal the fabric strips and turn your covering around so the back side is facing you. See below.

How to make a candle lampshade
  1. Apply tape to the uncovered strip of fabric on the width.

  2. Remove the tape backing from the width of the Lampshade  and carefully fold this strip of fabric over to firmly press it onto the PVC. (shown in the image above on the left side).

  3. Place more tape along this seam, on the strip of fabric you just folded over.

  4. Apply tape along each strip of fabric along the lengths. Top and bottom.

  5. Apply tape along both lengths of your PVC. This time directly on to the PVC and pull off the tape covering from the tape on the PVC.

How to make a candle lampshade
  1. Now place your top ring and bottom rings on the sticky tape: small ring at the top, smaller length and big ring at the base/ longer length).

  2. Very gently roll your rings simultaneously along the lengths of the PVC pulling the PVC around as you go to create the cylindrical shade.

  3. Once near the end, pull the tape covering off the width of your fabric seam and continue rolling along until the seam is in place.

  4. Apply pressure along the seam and the rings to ensure everything is firmly in place.

  5. On the top ring (the smaller one) you need to use scissors to snip vertically into the fabric and tape, directly over the places the gimbal meets the bulb clip (the powder coated metal prong that attaches the ring to the bulb clip).

  6. Peel the backing from the top ring fabric. Carefully and firmly press the fabric strip over the ring and using your rolled edge tool, tuck the fabric into itself to create a tidy inside edge along the ring

  7. Repeat the last step on the base ring.

Voila! Your lovely little candle lampshade!


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Buy Candle Lampshade Kit HERE

How to make a candle lampshade

How to make a candle lampshade
How to make a candle lampshade

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