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How to make a birdcage lampshade

Shhh… We have more home-decor secrets to give away!

The Owl & The Pussycat have written us a fantastic step by step guide on how to make a birdcage lampshade…

At The Owl & The Pussycat we specialise in up-cycled lighting using copper piping, concrete, vintage flea market finds, furniture restoration and soft furnishings. Our lampshades were recently showcased at the Ideal Home Show Scotland 2015 where we gave a live lampshade-making demonstration. For your own hands-on lampshade making experience come and join Our workshops based in and around the Glasgow area..

You will need:

  1. 1 x 30cm Lampshade ringset  (or any size of your choice purchased online from Needcraft)

  2. Galvanised wire mesh

  3. Pliers/snips

  4. Metal file

  5. Copper wire

  6. Metallic copper spray paint

  7. Decorative birds

needcraft lampshade supplies_blog_the_owl_and_the_pussycat_birdcageblog

Step 1

Measure and cut the galvanised wire mesh using wire snips or pliers to the panel length needed for your chosen ringset, using the ringset as a guide. For a 30cm ringset the panel length will need to be 957mm to go around the circumference of the rings, this includes 15mm for overlap at the seam.

Use the metal file to sand down sharp edges.

needcraft lampshade supplies_blog_the_owl_and_the_pussycat_birdcageblog

Step 2

Assemble the shade using the copper wire to bind the rings to the galvanised wire mesh by winding around the top, bottom and side edges. This will hold the structure together very securely

needcraft lampshade supplies_blog_the_owl_and_the_pussycat_birdcageblog

Step 3

Spray with metallic copper spray paint (or any colour of your choice). Do this outdoors for ventilation, making sure to evenly coat all parts including the rings.

Step 4

Attach decorative birds to the galvanised wire mesh. (These can be found from craft sites online). Your new birdcage lampshade is now ready to use! Simply attach some lighting flex (we like the range here) and a striking bulb holder and either hang from the ceiling or attach to a lamp base.

Voila! How effective and simple!

needcraft lampshade supplies_blog_the_owl_and_the_pussycat_birdcageblog

How to make a bird cage DIY lamp

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