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How to cut handmade lampshade panels like a pro!

We asked our Lampshade making group what they use to cut PVC lampshade panels

and this is what they said…

  1. Good old-fashioned scissors and a ruler. You want the ruler to be non-slip like these and you’ll need to cut on a cutting mat to protect your surfaces. A steady hand and a good eye go a long way with this method.

  1. When making a large number of orders a cutting bar is a great time saver and puts less pressure on your hands. Find out more about cutting bars here. Cutting bars come in two sizes (1100 mm and 1600 mm) and are perfect for cutting all kinds of lampshade materials: PVC, Foamboard, Vinyl, Woven Fabrics, Foam Centred Board, Honeycomb and Corrugated Plastics, Film, Paper and more! Plus they’re so lightweight they are portable. The utility blades will cut to a depth of 10mm (0.4”) and no cutting mat is needed as there is a silicon rubber grip strip to clamp the material in place while cutting.

I use it to cut extra long panels for 60/70cm shades etc and I do that in 2 goes. I have a piece of MDF which I have glued two A1 cutting mats to and just lean it against the wall when I’m not using it. It’s great if you have quite a volume of panels to cut. It’s a great time saver. Candice Small
  1. Faster than the scissors but not as efficient as the cutting bar is the Rotary cutter. This is used alongside a non-slip ruler. Just like a pizza slice, the circular blade rolls along the PVC or fabric (you’ll want to use one for fabric and one for PVC so as not to get your fabric sticky or blunt your fabric blade). Spare blades can also be bought as and when you need them here.

Dannells rotary cutter for cutting lampshade PVC

Top Tip

The blades on cutting bars are adjustable!

I love your cutting bar, there’s no way I’d be able to cut all of my panels in time without it Candice Small
Lampshade panel by Alison Bick

Alison Bick Design


Do you make lampshades or fancy giving it a go?

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