How much do you love yourself?


We really love shouting about our customers and the wonderful lampshades you create so this time we are going to shout about US!

Oh yes, a bit of self-praise is due because we at Needcraft are renowned for our second to none customer service with attentive and patient advice always at the ready. Maybe you yourself have been one of those late night panic callers wondering how to get your lampshade making supplies delivered, like… NOW! We understand the stresses of running your own business and do what we can for each and every one of you… Here’s how:

Detola and Geek

Detola and Geek

Needcraft has improved in leaps and bounds since I started using you. Then you were just called simply Martin Dannell. You have listened to what your customers have said and need. You have gone on to develop your products to meet your customer’s demands. I really do love Needcraft . You have been so helpful in more ways than you think. Whether it is simply by replying to my Twitter DMs, Facebook questions on your page as well as email enquiries or my just simply chasing up an order I have placed. I love your new blog too Your staff are awesome. Quite friendly that I feel like they are my friends. They can also be dead funny on social media too. A lively bunch I must say. Detola and Geek 

Caron Ironside Design

Caron Ironside Design

It’s really refreshing to receive excellent customer service and very much appreciated, I feel supported by them even though I’ve never met anyone in person. Caron Ironside Design

Raggedy Ruff Designs

Raggedy Ruff Designs

The (Needcraft) kits are ideal as everything is included and I could buy just as much as I needed without having to make a big cash investment at the start of my business and instead have been able to grow the business as my order book as increased.

Rascal and Roses

Rascal and Roses

On the many occasions that I have had questions the Needcraft staff have always been brilliant. Ringing me straight away to offer advice and point me in the right direction – Jamie is a very patient man and always goes out of his way to be helpful. Glen has also had to deal with my panicky emails when I think I’ve put the wrong delivery address or lost an order (or both) and he’s always really quick to reply and reassure me that everything is fine. Rascal and Roses

Joanna Hepinstall

Joanna Hepinstall

In the early days when shade making was all a mystery, I’d phone with daft questions and they were always happy to steer me through the product range. These days I’m more likely to ask ‘can I have it by tomorrow?’. It’s a good service and I feel valued. Joanna Heppinstall

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