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Christmas Gift Guide - Support a lampshade maker

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Christmas shopping is officially underway and as many of our own Dannells makers and crafters have fabulous Christmas gift ideas to offer, we’ve put together this handy gift guide, with the hope they’ll find a spot under a tree near you!

From printing kits to workshops, give the gift of handmade this Christmas and support local independent makers in the process - give good and feel good!

Lampshade making kits with a design twist

When is a lampshade making kit not just a lampshade making kit? When some of our clever designers have added their own unique twist and have included fabric they've designed or even wool and pattern to complete the shade!

Here are our favourites below...

Prices: £28.00 - £35.00

Gift a hands on lampshade making experience

In person workshops are back and make a great gift for a wannabee lampshade maker or keen crafter.

Jane Warren of The Lampshade Loft runs a range of lampshade workshops from more intricate Traditional Soft Shades to a Little Liberty Lampshade Garland, which take place in West Sussex.

If you’re gifting to someone further north try Gillian Arnold, who's lampshade making workshops dates are available until Spring 2022 in Bishop Auckland or learn with our very own Dannells demonstrator, Sam Sterken, who teaches lampshade making at the Ministry of Craft in Manchester.

Prefer to give the luxury of learning to make a drum lampshade from home? Helen Round offers an online course, which includes all materials including your choice of Helen's beautiful hand printed linens.

Prices: £35.00 - £235.00

Small, beautiful and easy to post!

It's the perfect time of year to add a twinkly light or two to your home and we love everything about these beautifully crafted mini lampshades by Joanna at Lume Lighting. Simple, yet stunning, Joanna has added her contemporary fabric designs to her a ready to hang fairy light sets. If that wasn’t enough she’s added a Christmas DIY Craft Kit version containing everything you need to make your own lights in a bespoke festive paper!

Prices: £28.00 - £30.00

Prints charming

Creative and a little messy? Sound like someone you know? We might have the ideal gift for them :) Suitable for absolute beginners and budding printers this neat kit from Winsper Designs contains everything you need to start printing in one little bag. Rachel, founder and owner of Winsper Design’s has even included her own handy instructions, with tips and tricks to help you on your way.

The kit Contents 6 Cards & Envelopes, 2 Acrylic paint tubes (pink and blue), 1 Sponge Stippler, 1Cutter & handle set and 2 pieces of cutting surface.

Price: £18.00

Back to bases

If your a shade maker who likes to gift a shade or two, how about pairing your shades with a stunning recycled glass base with a cool colour of electrical cord? Candid Owl has a selection of gorgeous muted colours and shapes of glass bases, which are made in Spain, but are wired and safety checked in the UK. We think anyone of them would make a stunning statement gift for a special friend.

Price: £75.00 - £95.00


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