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How does a shade carrier work?

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

What is a shade carrier and how does it work?

We know that not all of you know how to use a shade carrier, or think it looks complicated or unsightly. We are about to enlighten you as to the many virtues of the common shade carrier or gimble. A shade carrier provides versatility, ease of use and a classic touch.

What is a shade carrier?

shade carrier for use with a lampshade. How does a shade carrier work?

Shade carrier or gimbal

A shade carrier (otherwise know as a gimbal or gimble) is used to connect a lampshade to a lamp holder (the bit on the base or lamp stand that holds the lampshade and bulb in place). The wonderful thing about shade carriers is that you can use them to alter the height of your lampshade as they come in different heights.

Shade carrier on bulb holder. How to use a shade carrier

Shade carrier fixed to metal bulb holder

Shade carrier fixed to plastic bulb holder. Image by: Helmi Vaga

How does a shade carrier work?

As you can see in our video above the shade carrier attaches to the lamp holder in just the same way as a utility ring lampshade, by screwing the metal ring/ washer or plastic attachment down to keep the lampshade or shade carrier firmly in place.

ring set with utility ring (Complete with converter plug for European fittings)

Ring set with utility ring (Complete with converter plug for European fittings)

Once in place on the lamp base or stand the shade carrier is ready for your lampshade. Lampshades used with shade carriers must have standard duplex rings. (The internal diameter of a standard duplex ring measures 107mm).

Duplex ring drum lampshade

shade carrier with lampshade ring set resting on top on a work bench.

Shade carrier with lampshade ring set resting on top. Image by: Emma Rockman

Simply pop your lampshade on the shade carrier so the duplex ring sits on the carrier. That’s it! So simple! And the great thing is that you can swap between shade carriers until you are happy with the overall look and height of your shade. Or you can do the math! (See our post: ‘How to measure for a shade carrier‘ coming soon!)

Duplex fitting lampshade sitting on shade carrier. You can’t see the shade carrier at all! Image by: Emma Rockman

More useful info about shade carriers:

  1. Do you struggle to reach around your lampshade to change the bulb? Then a shade carrier is what you need! With a shade carrier you can simply take off the lampshade in one easy step to clean the shade or change the bulb.

  1. If you need your drum or empire lampshade to work as both a pendant light (from the ceiling) or on a lamp base? Use a duplex ring so it can be used with a shade carrier on the lamp base. You’ll need a spider fitting to work as the pendant light.

  2. You can see our range of shade carriers HERE. We currently stock shade carriers in the following sizes: 4, 5, 6,7, 8, 9, 10,11 and 12 inches.

  3. We also currently stock coolie and empire lampshade kits with duplex frames (select the fitting in the drop down menu) so you can use them with shade carriers (for use on lamp stands) or spider fittings (for use on a pendant light ie: from the ceiling).

  4. The diameter of each of our shade carriers is the same. It is only the height which changes.

  5. The duplex ring is always positioned 4.5-5 cm below the top ring (of the lampshade) regardless of size of the lampshade.

  6. Our shade carriers fit onto any British (BC) or (E27) European lamp holder fittings.

  7. We sell a wide range of sizes so you really can create bespoke lighting to suit you and your clients.

  8. The lamp shades used in the above video are ’empire’ shades

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How does a shade carrier work?

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