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Halloween Ideas - Light up your Fright Night!

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to put on spooky make-up, costumes and light the lights! And we’ve got plenty of practical, easy-to-use and safe lighting options, as well as crafting ideas to bring an eerie atmosphere to your Hallowed eve! From LED candles to Halloween pumpkin stencils, it's time to get this scary party started!

Electronic Tea lights

Just the thing to light up our Lantern Making Kits, our versatile range of electronic tea lights will have your Halloween covered!

Simply make up your DIY lantern in a spooky fabric or alternatively, print your own lantern following our Halloween Printed Lantern Kit DIY tutorial. Super easy to make, and only needing 35cm x 15cm of fabric for each lantern, these are a great addition to your decorations.

If you prefer to use what you already have at home, reach for the recycling bin and grab a few empty milk carton which transforms perfectly into Upcycled Halloween Lanterns and can be used with either our 10 LED String Lights or Electronic Tea Lights.

Our remote-controlled LED lights make it easy to spook your family or opt for a LED Tealight 4 Pack with a timer function, to save on battery.

LED Candles

Bigger and brighter than electronic tea lights, our LED Pillar Candles pack a lighting punch. Ideal for use in pumpkins and lanterns, as a safer alternative to a real candle, they have the added bonus of being waterproof and working well by the front door to set a spooky scene.

Available as a pack of three, containing heights of 10, 12 and 15 cm pillar candles or individually as a 10cm or 15cm LED Pillar Candle, each is 5 cm in diameter and takes AA batteries. Best of all you can bring them out again for Christmas.

Pumpkin Carving Stencils

Carving a pumpkin? Bring a touch of devilish design to this year’s pumpkin with our two pumpkin stencil kits! Pick from either a flying witch, bats, a Calderon and Boo designs or 4 ghoulish monster faces for the ultimate personalised carving.

For the little ones our Halloween stencils also work well with our acrylic paints, to make Halloween decorations and signs. Better still each plastic stencil is washable and reusable too!

Halloween Craft Stash

Halloween crafting and making is the best sort of crafting, as absolutely anything goes. From googly eyed monsters to sparkly witches' hats made from our glitter-backed felt, our Halloween Crafting supplies will bring definitely your projects and imagination to life.

How about making a pipe cleaner web and a family of pom-pom spiders for your windows or walls? We’ve found this easy ‘how to’ by Reese Dixon, to show you how it’s done.


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