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Halloween printed lantern kit DIY tutorial with FREE PDF templates

Halloween is nearly upon us, so we've come up with a simple, but effective DIY printing project to create your very own bespoke (or should that bespook!) lanterns using our Needcraft Lantern kits.

Easy to do as a family activity during half term, you can either use our FREE motif template or let the kids create their own - 5 x 5 cm is the perfect motif size. They're great for lighting up a window, sitting on the doorstep or inside a porch and our lantern kits also come with electronic tea lights, that give off a warm, but spooky glow.

Find out how to make one by following the step-by-steps below...

What you’ll need to make your printed Halloween lantern

White and orange cotton fabric

Double sided tape (this is also part of a lantern making kit)

Acrylic paint (orange, black, white and green)

Acrylic printing block

Fabric scissors

Household scissors

Dylon fabric marker pen (or black sharpie)

Ruler or tape measure


How to make your printed Halloween lantern

1. Print the FREE Templates PDF and cut around the individual motifs. Lay onto a foam sheet and draw around each one. Using the cutting lines on the motifs cut the pumpkin and bat into sections using the guidelines on the PDF – this creates negative space in your print.

2. Take the PVC from your lantern making kit and cut your fabric to roughly to the same size.

3. Take and acrylic block (we glued a handle to ours in advance to make this part easier) and using double-sided tape secure your motif to the block. If you’re using the pumpkin or the bat, remember to leave gaps in the design as shown.

4. Squeeze a little of each paint on an acrylic sheet or an old plate.

5. Either brush the paint onto the motif, or dab the motif directly into the paint. Remove any excess paint from the block with a cloth to avoid smudging

Top tip – try to not let too much excess paint form around the motif as this will create blury edges.

6. Place the painted motif onto the fabric, pressing firmly into position. Lift the block straight up to create a clean print. When choosing your position for you motifs remember that the top and bottom 1.5cm of your lantern fabric will be used for tucking underneath the ring so won’t be see, so be sure to position your prints below and above these lines.

6. Leave each colour to dry before moving onto the next one – to speed this up you can use a hairdryer to gently dry.

7. Once you have completed all your motifs and they are dry draw in the details such as eyes, mouths etc with your Dylon fabric marker.

8. Make up the lantern making kit using the instructions in the box. When positioning the PVC onto shade make sure you capture the design within the kiss cuts along the top and bottom edge.

9. Stand back and be proud of your printed Halloween lanterns!


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