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Give ribbons a new lease of life

Last year I bought a job lot of blue ribbons in different textures and sizes for a ridiculously cheap price. The thin ones I used in a shot for present wrapping and parties but I was at a total loss as to what to do with the thicker ones, particularly the navy organza and the bright blue gingham designs.

Display with lampshade made with gingham ribbon

Dannells 20cm Ribbon Lampshade Making Kit was the answer to my prayers. The ribbon lampshades are really easy to make, so much so it is slightly addictive – you are simply wrapping the ribbon around the shade.

Lampshade made with gingham ribbon

I used my gingham ribbon to create a shade for a good pal of mine who has a shabby-chic country cottage. I painted a maroon base with a light blue chalk paint then buffed it to reveal the deeper colour beneath and to give it a shabby effect. I know this will look gorgeous on her white kitchen dresser. I’ve got some red gingham ribbon somewhere and I’m going to combine it with a square wooden shade for her son’s ‘Wild-west’ themed nursery.

gingham ribbon lampshade

I used…

-Blue chalk paint

-Sand paper

*As the ribbon is inside the shade you have to think about safety. I sprayed both my shades with a fire-proofing spray that is also available from Dannells.

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