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Free book giveaway! Get creative and learn a new skill.

free book giveaway

How hard are you working?

Do you deserve a hard-earned break from all the running around, Christmas preparations, sticking, sewing, trimming and lampshade lining?

We think you do and we have FIVE FREE copies of this wonderful new Handmade lampshades book by Natalia Price Cabrera to give away! Usually £9.99 at cost price from us here.

We want to see you with your feet up, mug of tea in hand reading this lush new book!

free book giveaway

Simply follow this link to tell us what two different coloured clock hands you can choose from with our new clock kit and post your answer on your social media with:  #Needcraftclockkit

You can share your post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google Plus and in a couple of weeks FIVE lucky winners will be chosen.

Free book giveaway Good Luck!

free book giveaway

free book giveaway

To find out more about the author take a look at her website!

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