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Father's Day Make - Bottle Lamps with The Haines Collection

With Father’s day on the horizon, it’s time to get your thinking cap on to make a gift that shows how much they mean to you!

Whether it’s helping the kids make something for your partner or a gift for your own Dad, Jules of The Haines Collection has come up with a great idea that’s sustainable, but also doubles up as a treasured memento - a fabulous bottle lamp base and shade!

Using our Bottle Lamp Holder Adaptor Kit and a Lampshade Making Kit made up from one of her range of designer fabrics, that have been saved from landfill, Jules’ bottle lamp base and shade is unique, quirky and tells a story.

Super easy and all you need is an empty bottle of your other half’s favourite tipple and a Bottle Lamp Holder Adaptor Kit. Better still you can make it a child friendly project, by asking the kids to fill the bottle with small stones or layers of coloured sands.

Then simply pick out a fabric you know the receiver will love, not forgetting we have a range of Lampshade Making Kits available for you to pick out your favourite style.

We love the sentiment behind Jules’ choice of gift, and the fact that is incorporates recycling too. It's one that would work for any man in your life for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas too, no matter what age!

The Haines Collection

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The Haines Collection ethos is to provide a solution to the environmental challenges facing the Interiors industry, which is often overlooked. By reselling fabric offcuts that would otherwise be headed for landfill, Jules’ passion for reducing waste enables interior businesses to make small, but positive changes to help reduce the negative impact that they have on the planet. It also offers customers the chance to buy beautiful, quality fabrics for the fraction of the retail price.


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