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Experiment with your fabric choices to make a classic shade

Retro lamp base with handmade white lampshade

I’m a big, big Bitossi ceramics fan – I have a beautiful vase and a gorgeous vintage pigeon made by the Italian pottery house. So when I saw this lamp base going on eBay I jumped at the chance to get it.

The only problem with such an iconic piece of design as a lamp base is that you don’t want your choice of fabric to compete. The only option is to make one of your own!

Mix and match vintage finds with tactile fabric

I decided to go for plain white fabric and used come old cross-stitch fabric I already had. I loved the texture and knew that the tiny holes in the material would let in more light.

I also didn’t want a wide shade as I didn’t want to overshadow this beautiful blue base. But I did want height. So I ordered a 300mm Self Adhesive PVC Panel from Dannells and used it with a 200mm diameter rings.

I then simply stuck the fabric to the PVC panel, rolled this over the ringsets and voila! I had my very own bespoke, handmade lampshade on my favourite Bitossi lamp base!

Retro Bitossi lamp base with handmade white lamp shade

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