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DIY Tutorial - How to Make a Ribbon Candle Clip Lampshade

Meet our innovative Ribbon Lampshade Kits, designed specifically to bring you the elegant look of pleated lampshades without the need for extensive skills or time. Featuring a sturdy hard lampshade base wrapped in soft, stylish ribbon, these kits are incredibly simple to assemble.

In today’s blog tutorial, we'll guide you through creating impressive Ribbon Candle Clip Lampshades. Perfect for wall lights, chandeliers, or matching table lamps, these fantastic kits will help you achieve that pleated look with minimal effort. Let’s get started!

What you’ll need to make a Ribbon Candle Clip Lampshade 

How to make a Ribbon Candle Clip Lampshade 



Reverse roll or flatten out your PVC panels.

1. Apply the double-sided Tesa tape to the centre of the plain rings. Apply evenly and avoid creases. 

2. Press the tape down evenly and firmly onto the ring.

3. Repeat for the candle clip ring.

4. Along one short edge of your PVC Panel, add a strip of Tesa double-sided tape for the seam. Remove the tape backing.

5. Remove the backing from the taped rings.

6. Position the candle clip ring on the edge of the small curve at the top of the PVC, with the clip facing inwards and the plain ring on the larger curve at the bottom.

Professional Tip: Ensure the struts of the candle clip section are positioned away from the short edge of the panel (seam).

7. Start to roll the rings towards the taped seam edge.

8. Turn the lampshade around so you can roll towards you, keeping each edge in line with the other.

9. Press the tape together from the centre out. The seam is now closed, do not apply any pressure to the lampshade or you may dent it.

10. Bundle the bias binding together and secure with an elastic band.

11. Stick the bias binding end inside of the PVC Panel, in the section between the candle clip struts.

12. Pull the bias binding down to the bottom of the shade in straight line.

Professional Tip: Don't fix the first length down too tightly, as this will need lifting slightly at the end of the wrapping.

13. Push the bundle of bias binding through the inside of the frame.

14. Overlap the bias binding, by half the width of the bias binding at the top of the shade. At the bottom ensure three quarters of the width of the bias tape is showing. Continue around the frame, with the bias binding sticking to the Tesa double-sided tape, to hold this in place.   

15. When the lampshade is one or two lengths away from being covered, gently pull aside the first length.

16. Pull down the final length so that it sits under the first length, then smooth the first length back in place.

17. Cut any remaining bias to a 3cm length and tuck over the bottom edge of the frame.

18. Voila - you now have ribbon candle clip lampshade!

Drum Ribbon Lampshade Making Kit


Also available in our most popular drum lampshades sizes, our 20cm and 30cm Ribbon Lampshade Making Kits, are made using exactly the same method as our Ribbon Candle Clip Lampshade, the only difference being the meterage of ribbon or bias binding needed. For the 20cm Ribbon Lampshade Making Kit you’ll need 10-12 metres of ribbon (base on a 2.5cm width) and for the 30cm Ribbon Lampshade Making Kit, you’ll need at least 18 meters.

Brilliantly versatile, they can be used as both pendant and table lamps, and can be made as bespoke lampshades to match your interiors.


Rainbow Ribbon Shade Tutorial

Inspired by the ubiquitous rainbows of lockdown, our Rainbow Ribbon Lampshade tutorial takes the basic premise of the ribbon lampshade, but with a simple twist! By weaving multi-coloured ribbons, horizontally through the vertical ribbons, you can achieve a completely different, yet striking look! See the full tutorial by clicking the button below.



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