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DIY tutorial - Felt Flower Easter Wreath

What better way is there to celebrate Easter than with a little easy crafting?

This door wreath is a lovely way of welcoming in the Easter weekend and is super quick to make. We'll teach you how to make two different types of pretty felt flowers, with our step by step guides and how to assemble your wreath using a plain lampshade ring and some ribbon - it really is that simple!

Great for scrapbusting, this project is one the kids can even try too. In place of using a glue gun, each flower can easily be stitched at the base to hold them together and they can get involved by picking out the colours for the flowers, before making them up.

We think this would make the perfect handmade gift for friend or relative that you'll be visiting in the near future - it won't fail to brighten up their day!

What you’ll need to make your Easter Felt Flower Wreath

Plain lampshade making ring – 25 cm diameter

Grossgrain ribbon

Coloured felt – five colours for the flowers, green for the leaves

Pinking shears


How to make your Felt Flowers

Felt flower – strip method

1. Cut a strip of felt 5 x 30 cm and fold, long sides together. Cut in from the folded edge, leaving a 0.5 cm border uncut. Continue along the strip evenly.

2. Starting at one of the short ends roll the felt up making sure the straight open edge along the base of the flower is aligned.

3. As you roll, place hot glue just above the base of the flower at three or four points and again at the end to secure.

4. Varying the width or slant of the cut or cutting open the fold to create tassels, can create lots of different flowers!

Felt flowers – circle method

1. Cut a 10 - 15 cm circle. Starting at the outside edge, cut a spiral into the centre using either pinking shears or fabric scissors as shown. For a flower with petals, cut a wavy pattern around the circle edge and then cut a wavy spiral into the centre.

3. Starting at the centre, roll the felt around on itself, making sure the straight edge along the base of the flower is aligned.

4. To secure the base, hot glue just above the base of the flower at 3 or 4 points as you are rolling.

5. Varying the width of the spiral will make deeper or wider flowers. The smaller the width of the flower the flatter the flower.

How to assemble make the wreath

1. Take the plain ring and place 5 cm strip of double-sided tape along the ring and remove the backing paper.

2. Take a 125cm length of ribbon and attach to the tape then continue to tightly wrap the tape around the ring. When you reach the tape stick in place.

3. Cut leaves measuring 8cm long from the green felt and lay out your leaves and flowers in an arrangement that you like.

4. Using your hot glue gun attached the leaves to the ring over the point where the ribbons meet.

5. Hot glue your flowers in position on top of the leaves.

6. Finish by using embroidery thread or string create a hanging loop to hang your wreath and you're done!


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