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DIY Christmas Tutorial – Quick & Easy Snowflake Decoration

With the countdown to Christmas most definitely on, our quick and easy snowflake decoration is the ideal project for some family kitchen table crafting, accompanied by a mince pie or two! Pick a cheerful Christmas fabric to adhere to your Less Rigid Stick It ® and then pinch, bend, and tape your beautiful snowflake into shape! Follow our step-by-step tutorial to make your own.

What you’ll need to make your DIY Quick and Easy Snowflake Decoration

40 x 20cm Festive cotton fabrics


Self adhesive 10mm jewels (for the centre of the snowflake)

How to make your DIY Quick and Easy Snowflake Decoration

1. Cut a 40cm x 20cm of Less Rigid Stick It® Self Adhesive Material.

2. Adhere the Less Rigid piece to your ironed fabric. Cut around each piece, trimming away any excess.

3. Stick 9mm Tesa double sided tape along the long edge of rectangle.

4. Roll the opposite edge towards the taped edge to create a tube.

5. At the point of the taped fold, pinch the strip together, then carefully smooth down the opposite edge of the tube.

6. From the backing paper, cut strip 1.5cm wide.

7. Lay your backing paper strip onto the tube and using this as a cutting guide. Cut 24 strips tO create 24 single petal.

8. Using a small piece of Tesa double sided tape, stick together two petals together, with the taped edge at sitting at the bottom of the petal.

9. Repeat until you have 6 petals stuck together in a circle.

10. Take a single petal, push the top folded edge towards the taped edge fold. Then pinch at each side and pull up to create a smaller double petals. Repeat on the remaining 11 pieces.

11. Place a small piece of tape on the inside of the fold of the double petal, to hold the fold together. Repeat on the remaining double petals.

12. Stick two double petals together using the same method.

13. Stick a single petal, using the same method into the centre of the joined double petals.

14. At the base of each single/ double petal cut a 2cm piece of tape and adhere, so it sits 1cm up each side of the combined petal.

15. Insert the single/ double petal between two of the six petals, 4-5 cm away from the centre point. Repeat for all petals.

16. Add a self-adhesive jewel to the centre point and the joints.

17. Loop a 10cm lengty of Perlon Thread to hang and you are done!


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