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Christmas gifting - DIY Decoupage sewing box tutorial

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Did you know DIY gifting has double the benefits of buying shop bought? Not only are you making something thoughtful and handmade, but indulging in a little crafting is good for your wellbeing, helps you learn new skills and gives you something positive to focus on!

We've taken one of these handy wooden tea boxes from our Paintable Products Range, normally used to store and display paper packaged tea bags and turned it into something that will make every crafter swoon - STORAGE!

A neat craft space is a productive craft space and with a little bit of creative decoupage, our tea box has been turned into a cute and fun way to hold sewing essentials. We think it will make a welcomed handmade Christmas gift!

What you'll need to make your Decoupage Sewing Box

Decoupage or wrapping paper (we use Rico polka dot paper)




Small screwdriver

How to make your Decoupage Sewing Box

1. Before starting remove the clasps from the front of the tea box using a small screwdriver. Leave the hinges in place at the back of the box.

2. Measure your box sides and lid to cut panels and cut these from your decoupage or wrapping paper.

We cut the following sizes of decoupage paper, but it is worth checking your measurements as every box could be slightly different.

2 x 29.3cm x 5.3cm

  • to wrap around the front main box and one side

  • to wrap around the back main box and one side

2 x 29.3 x 2.1cm

  • to wrap around the front lid and one lid side

  • to wrap around the back main lid and one lid side

1 x 20.8cm x 8.5cm

  • for the top of the lid

1 x 19.5cm x 7.2cm

  • for the inside of the lid

3. Starting at the back, lay the paper over the hinges and mark lightly with a pencil, then cut out a space for each hinge.

4. Apply the glue to the back of the box and side of the box lightly with PVA (at this point too much glue on the box will create ripples in the paper) , and apply the back strip, then wrap around the side of the box.

5. When applying the for strip, after applying the paper mark the holes with a pencil for reattaching the clasp

6. Continue around the box leaving the outer lid until last. Don’t forget to decoupage the inside of the lid. Smooth down the edges and make sure that any loose corners are glued in place. If you see any wrinkle in the paper just push these gently with your fingers to the edges - they will disappear once the glue drys anyway.

7. Choose letters from your set to create a message for the top of your lid. You could add a name, initials or a short word like we did. Fix these in place with a Hot glue gun.

8. And as a little hidden extra we added a heart tile on the inside lid!

9. Finally, reattach the clasps on the front.

10. Add a couple of sewing basics, such as a cute tomato pin cushion with pins, cottons, needles and tape measure and you're good to gift!


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