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Dannells Lampshade Services - Build a Bespoke Lampshade

Crave the creative license to create the exact size and shape of lampshade you need to fit your space? In today’s blog post, we’ll take you through how you can build your own bespoke lampshade using our specialist lampshade services and materials from our extensive professional range, in just 5 easy steps.

Step 1 – Pick your Ringset or Frame

If your table or floor lamp base requires a specialist lampshade or you’re coveting a lampshade from the high street and can’t find what you need from our range of Lampshade Making Kits, we have the answer. Our lampshade ringsets and frames allow you to make hundreds of lampshade styles and shapes. If you’re unsure what size of lampshade will suit your lamp base, check out our blog post on How to Choose the Perfect Sized Lampshade

Lampshade Ringsets and Frames

Available in pairs of the same diameter or size, our ringsets and frames consist of one plain ring or frame and one utility ring or frame. The utility section attaches to your lampholder on either a table or pendant light fitting and is supplied with a Reducer/ Converter Adaptor plug, the aperture of which fits a UK lampholder and once removed fits European lamp holders.

Shapes of Ringsets and Frames

Circular (Drum), Oval, Rounded Rectangle and Square, Rectangle, Square, Hexagon, Triangle, Propellor and Star.

Duplex Frames

Duplex Frames consist of one plain ring and one duplex ring, which has an inner 210mm ring. This sits on a shade carrier, which connects to the lamp holder on your table lamp. Duplex ring sets offer advantages over using fixed, fitted lampshade ring sets in that height between the lampshade and the lamp base can be changed by using different height shade carriers. Lampsahde using a duplex ring are also easy to lift off to clean and maintain. Duplex frames are most often used for lampshades that taper out, such as Conical and Empire lampshades.

Shapes of Duplex Ringsets

Circular (Drum), Empire and Conical Frames

Step 2 - Create your lampshade shape and size

To create and visualise your custom-sized lampshade creations, our Lampshade Designer & Pattern Creator does all of the work for you! Simply enter the sizes of your chosen rings, or if you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for enter a number of variations until you’re happy with your design (we suggest screenshotting each one, so you can compare them afterwards). It’s the ultimate way to get exactly the shade you want.

All you need to enter to determine the sizes and shape of your lampshade are the following details:

  • Enter your top diameter

  • Enter your bottom diameter

  • Choose a height to represent the distance from the top to the bottom of your lampshade

  • Select a seam allowance (the width of the overlap of the panel at the seam)

  • Add a kisscut - the removable margin cut into the top and bottom of the lampshade panel, revealing the exact amount of fabric to tuck under the lampshade rings

Available on our website for all lampshade makers to use, whether you’re a beginner or professional shade maker, the video below show just how simple it is!

Step 3 – Print, cut or buy your lampshade panel

Now you’ve designed your lampshade, there are a few ways to create your bespoke panel.

1. Print and cut at home

Our Lampshade Designer & Pattern Creator, allows you to download and print your bespoke pattern, meaning you can cut this yourself from one of our choices of Stick It Self Adhesive Lampshade PVC.

2. Use Dannells Template Cutting service

After creating your lampshade pattern, simply send it to us and we'll create your lampshade Stick It PVC panel, using our Dannells Template Cutting service to the sizes and material of your choice.

3. Buy off-the-shelf panels

Providing a point of difference for our most popular Lampshade Ringsets and Frames, our off-the-shelf lampshade panels are available in a variety of heights - 150mm, 200mm, 250 mm and 300mm – meaning you can customise your lampshade easily.

Step 4 – Make your lampshade

Whether you’ve opted for an extra-height drum lampshade or a bespoke sized conical lampshade using a duplex frame, we can support you to make your lampshade with a YouTube video. Easy to follow, Sam our Lampshade Demonstrator will guide you through making your lampshade step by step in real time.

Simply click on the dropdown arrow for each shape below, to see the relevant YouTube video.

How to make an Empire Lampshade

How to make a Conical Lampshade

How to make a Drum lampshade

How to make an Oval Lampshade

How to make a Hexagon Lampshade

How to make a Rounded Rectangle Lampshade

How to make a Rounded Square Lampshade

Step 5 – Use our lampshade making tips, techniques and

Before you get to work on the exciting part of making up your shade, take a look at the wealth of resources on our Dannells blog, that will help you perfect your bespoke lampshade. Including learning how to create a professional Folded Edge Seam, expert tips on tucking your fabric under the frames and advice on four different ways to apply trims to your shade, these nuggets of inspiration and advice, will make your handmade shade flawless.

Bespoke Lampshade Inspiration

We couldn't leave you without some fantastic inspiration from our talented Lampshade Makers showing your what's possible in terms of creating a completely bespoke lampshade.


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