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Product Focus - Coloured Fabric Cables for Table and Floor Lamps

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Eye-catching, functional and very easy to fit - the perfect description for our E27 Lamp Holders with Coloured Fabric Cables. Pre-wired with an inline switch, UK plug and featuring a stylish coloured fabric cable, you can simply plug in, switch on and bring your lighting project to life!

Pick from our range of cable colours, from muted neutrals to brilliant brights, each one ideal for coordinating with whatever fabric you decide on when making our Needcraft Table Lamp Kit, Floor Lamp Kit and NEW Table and Floor Lamp Bases. Better still, if you’re looking for a completely customised look we stock everything to create your own bespoke assembly. Read on for our mix-and-match suggestions and all the details of our pre-wired cables and component, in a variety of colours.

Prewired Electrical Assemblies

Designed to work seamlessly with our Needcraft Table Lamp Kit, Floor Lamp Kit and NEW Table and Floor Lamp Bases, our pre-wired Electrical Assemblies give an extra special finishing touch to whichever kit you make and can be fitted in minutes.

Measuring 3 metres long with all-white or all-black lamp holders, switches and plugs, each Electrical Assembly features an E27 thermoplastic lamp holder, therefore fitting all Dannells Lampshade Utility Rings. Also they're suitable, for hanging lampshades or even simple bare bulbs, for example at the side of a bed using a wooden bracket for support.

Cable Style choices

With two choices of fabric-covered cable available, each has its own merits depending on the interior style and feel you’re aiming to achieve with your Needcraft Table Lamp Kit, Floor Lamp Kit or Table and Floor Lamp Base Kits.

Twisted Fabric Cable

Our 3 core Twisted Coloured Fabric Cable E27 Lamp Holder (also referred to as braided fabric cable) has retro vibe, reminiscent of wiring on antique lamps, but this style is now easily mixed into contemporary homes, especially the more neutral tones of Desert Sand, Rustic White and Carbon Black.

Cotton Fabric Cable

With a durable and smooth casing, our 3-core Coloured Cotton Fabric Cable E27 Lamp Holder is stylishly simple. We love how the plain texture lets the coloured cable shine and our favourites are the cheerful Honeycomb Yellow and luxurious Prada Red.

Customise Your Electrical Assembly

If you can’t find what you like in our pre-wired Coloured Fabric Cables with E27 Lampholder range? Why not consider creating a customised electrical assembly from our pick-and-mix range of stylish switches, fabric-covered electric cables and lamp holders?

Whilst we always recommend contacting a qualified electrician if in doubt when creating any electrical assembly or undertaking any repairs, by choosing individual components to suit the style of your handmade Table Lamp, Floor Lamp or Lamp Base Kit, you can get the exact combination to suit!

Our electrical switches, come in a variety of colours, including black, white, gold and transparent, and a number of different styles from the more ubiquitous Single Pole In-line Switch to the vintage style Unipolar Wire Breaker Push Rocker Switch and can be paired with our three ranges of cable; 3 core cotton (in a single colour); 3 core twisted cotton (in a single colour) or 3 core cotton and linen (in two colours and variety of patterns). Simply add either a B22 UK lamp holder or an E27 European Lamp Holder and your customised electrical assembly is complete!

See our suggested combinations to achieve your interior look!


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