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Clock kit! Make your own clock

Great new and easy to use clock kit!

Create an individual timepiece for your home or for someone special…

This new clock kit really is a dream to make: use your own choice of covering: fabric, wallpaper, digital print etc and press it onto the PVC backing provided in the kit.

BUY your clock kit here

clock kit

With the step by step instructions provided in the kit you can create your individual wall clock in no time.

Here are some our customers made, by The Painted Pearl and The Sewing Directory:

clock kit

The Sewing Directory

clock kit

The painted Pearl

About the clock kits

Clocks come with a choice of white or black hands and cost £10.83 per item or less if you purchase two or more!

BUY your clock kit here

What’s in the box?

-Self Adhesive PVC Panel -Painted Metal Ring -Roll Double Sided Tape -Finishing Tool -Clock Assembly (includes 1 Rubber Washer, 1 Brass Washer 1 x Brass Nut) -Set of Black Clock Hands (1x Short Hour Hand, 1x Long Minute Hand,1x Second    Hand) -Step by step instruction sheet size A4 printed in full colour

What size will my covering need to be?

Your covering (fabric, wallpaper, digital print etc) needs to be 340mm x 340mm to cover the self adhesive panel supplied.

You will need:

  1. Covering of choice

  2. Sharp Knife or Scissors

  3. Clean flat working area

  4. AA Battery  ( Optional)

Clock assembled size:

300mm Diameter

About the clock:

Our quartz clock movement has a sweep movement second-hand (Non Ticking) The clock movements are also  RoHS approved

They are extremely reliable and come with a full 12 month guarantee. 

About the clock hands:

Made in rigid plastic, not as fragile as aluminium hands and easier to fit. Supplied in White with Red second-hand. Black also available.


Cardboard Box Size 33cm x 33cm x 5cm

Buy for you or buy to trade here!

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