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Christmas Gifts – Easy hand-decorated truffle box & truffles!

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

A homemade gift is often the most thoughtful gift and with time to spend in our kitchens cooking up treats this year, sweet treats are the best of all!

We’re a huge fan of chocolate at Dannell’s HQ and we’ll not only be making plenty of these rich, chocolatey (and a little bit boozy!) bombs of loveliness for our nearest and dearest, but we’ve also come up with this simple hand-decorated truffle box too.

By taking a cardboard Lantern lid and base (cheese box) and a sheet of A3 polyester sheet we’ve using pretty, rose gold washi tape to add a touch of festive sparkle and we think these boxes look the business. It's the ultimate quick and easy last-minute Christmas gift without putting the oven on or getting the glue gun out!

Read on to find out how to make your truffle box and the recipe for festive truffles…

What you’ll need to make your hand-decorated truffle box

Washi tape – 1.5mm wide (we loved this box from The Works)

Craft scissors


11cm diameter plate or bowl

Decorative paper for the base (optional)

How to make your hand-decorated truffle box

1. Remove the lid from the box and cut a strip of washi tape measuring approximately 2.5cm. Position the tape, starting under the lip of the lid and stick down so the end of the tape drops over the side of the lid (Note: the tape doesn’t have to cover the side of the lid).

2. Continue overlapping the strips of tape at an angle, to cover the whole of the top of the lid.

3. Take the tape and attached to the side of the lid. Run the tape around to cover the side of the lid and overlap by around 0.5 mm and cut.

4. Run a length of tape around the outside of the base, outer edge is completely covered.

6. Taking your plate or bowl, draw round this on some decorative paper and cut around. Using a couple of glue dot secure to the inside base of the box.

7. Draw round the plate or bowl on the polyester sheet and cut round.

8. Peel off a four glue dots and position equally around the inside of the lid.

9. Secure the polyester circle in position.

10.Fill with 12 delicious hand-made truffles using the recipe below.

How to make your chocolate truffles

Recipe taken from BBC Good Food – click for instructions on how to make

Ingredients for 50 truffles

· 300g good-quality dark chocolate, 70% cocoa solids

· 300ml double cream

We added some edible glitter and a dash of rum to our truffles too!

From everyone at Dannells we wish you a happy, healthy and safe Christmas!


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