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DIY Contemporary Plant Hanger tutorial

As our homes become our castles again, why not turn your time and talents to making this cool and Contemporary Plant Hanger that will give your home the modern edge?

Made from just three plain lampshade making rings it's super easy to put together and budget friendly too and with our stock of plain rings in huge range of sizes (1 meter plant hanger anyone?) you can get creative with the scale of your hanger.

Sticking with the interiors trend for natural materials, we used rafia to wrap the joins of our hanger (check out our range of colours) but this could easily be switched out for leather, copper or fabric. Ditto with the spray paint. Choose your spray paint colour based on the recipients home styling.

So without further ado, follow the steps below to get making….

What you’ll need to make your Contemporary Plant Hanger

1 x 15 cm plain ring (although this will depend on the plant pot your using – read the notes to find your perfect plant pot)

Metal wire (we used the copper 0.6 mm wire left over from our Birdcage lampshade)

Black spray paint

Plant pot and plant

Macrame rope or chain for hanging


Pliers or wire cutters

Note on finding the right sized ring for your plant pot

In order for the plant pots to stay in the hanging ring, you'll need to use a plant pot that has a lip or graduated sides (i.e wider at the top, narrower at the bottom), so there is point at which the plant pot will be secure in the ring and not fall out!

If you have a graduated plant pot, measure the pot around point at which you want the centre ring to sit in centimeters. This is the circumference. Divide this number by Pi, 3.141, which will then give you the diameter of the ring you need. This also applies for a pot with a lip – just be sure to measure under the lip. If in doubt buy a couple of sizes of ring and then find a plant pot to fit.

How to make your Contemporary Plant Hanger

1. If you are spray painting your plant hanger, as we are, rub down the plastic on your rings with sandpaper to create rough surface that the spray paint will adhere to. If you’re not spray painting, then skip this step.

2. Take your 2 x 30 cm plain rings and lay them on the table, with the 15 cm ring sitting on top of the two larger rings, overlapping the edge of each.

3. Cut a 45cm length of wire. With the end of the wire start to wrap this around the overlapped edge of the rings. Make sure that each wrap is neat and flat and that you pull regularly on the wire to secure tightly.

4. Before you finish take the two ends of the wire and twist these together. Tuck underneath the wire wrapped section. Once you are happy this is secure, repeat on the other side.

5. Pull the two large rings towards each other and wrap again with the wire following step 3.

6. Take the hanger outside or hang in a well ventilated area, using a section of wire or an 'S' hook. Following the instructions on the spray can and spray the plant hanger. Make sure you spray all around each ring, inside and outside and don't forget to spray the small ring from the bottom.

If you are spraying inside the make sure you protect the floor area, in case of any drips. Leave for as long as possible before moving.

7. Wrap a 5mm section of double sided tape wrap around over the end of the wire section.

8. Take a length of rafia and carefully wrap around the double sided tape to secure and continue wrapping to completely hide the wire.

9. Glue the remaining end to secure on the underside of the rafia.

10. Repeat on the other sections of wire.

11. Before wrapping the final section of wire consider how you want to hang the plant hanger. We used a macrame cord which sits on top of the rafia, but if you are using chain, you'll need to attach this before wrapping the rafia at the top of the plant hanger.

12. Choose a beautiful trailing plant (ours is a Chinese Money plant - pilea peperomioides) and get ready to gift. Or keep it yourself and simply make another to give away ;)


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