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Christmas DIY Tutorial - How to make a Festive Scandi Snoblomma

Refreshing your Christmas decorations can be an expensive habit, but in today's post we've taken inspiration from the current Scandianvian Snoblomma Trend, with our easy to follow step by step tutorial, that also includes FREE template downloads.

A perfect but patient project for winter evenings, with just baking paper, our hi tack Tesa double-sided tape and LED fairy lights you can make a stylish Scandi Snoblomma for a fraction of the cost of buying one, and with the satisfaction of saying 'I made that'!

What you’ll need to make your Festive Scandi Snoblomma

Finished Measurements

Final Scandi Snoblomma measures 51cm in diameter and approximately 7cm deep

How to make your Festive Scandi Snoblomma

1. Download, print and cut around your three FREE Festive Scandi Snoblomma templates. Take a piece of recycled card (we used cereal boxes and amazon cardboard envelopes) and draw around your template and then mirror at the joining line. Cut out and repeat with the other templates.

Top Tip: If your card pieces are smaller than the mirrored templates, simply draw around the template twice and then join the pieces together with tape.

2. Position your template on your white baking paper and draw round. For each size you’ll need the following:

  • Back Layer - 13 cut out templates

  • Middle layer - 9 cut out templates

  • Front layer - 15 cut out templates

3. Starting with the middle layer baking paper template cut outs, fold the template in half-length ways so the outer points and centre point of the cut away triangle meet.

4. Fold back the top layer around 1cm.

TOP TIP: Cut a strip of card measuring 1cm wide and slot this into each fold, before making the next fold, so everything stays even.

5. Turn over and repeat. Keep turning and folding, aiming to stay as close to a 1cm fold as possible.

6. Once finished, fold in half, matching the points and crease firmly at the centre fold.

7. Place Tessa Double-Sided tape along the inside edge of the centre fold, on one side and pinch the two centre edges together.

8. Repeat for all the remaining middle layer pieces.

9. Take two folded pieces and place Tessa double sided tape along the inside edge one pieces, sticking the other piece to it so the outer points match.

10. Repeat until all the pieces are stuck together to form the completed middle layer.

11. Trim back the reverse of each point to neaten.

12. Complete the back layer and the front layer following steps 1-11, until you have three completes layers of your Scandi Snoblomma.

13. Use three different sized circular objects, that are at least a third smaller than each layer such as a plate, bowl and glass measuring roughly 19cm, 14cm and 9cm. Draw around these, as follows on the reverse side of paper backing paper on the Stick It® PVC

  • 1 x small (6cm)

  • 1 x middle (14cm)

  • 3 x large (19cm)

  • 40cm x 5cm wide strip

Disclaimer - Pictured is a 9cm circle, which on reflection we changed to a 6cm circle

14. Remove the backing paper from the 14cm circle and stick this to the reverse of the middle layer. Repeat with the 6cm diameter circle and the reverse of the front layer.

15. Take 60 x 6 cm Strip of Stick It® PVC and cut 1.5cm slits along the length of both sides of the strip of PVC.

16. Peel back the backing paper up to the top of each slit and rip or cut away. Fold back the cut sections, with the PVC facing the PVC.

17. Take the two 19cm diameter circles. Apply the folded tabs to the reverse of one circle, around 2.5cm from the edge. Continue creating a circle, leaving a 2.5cm gap in between the start and the finish of your circular wall.

18. Stick the two fairy light battery packs together, using double-sided tape. Stick two strips of double sided tape along the length of the top battery pack. Remove the backing tape and adhere these into the centre of the circle with the stitches facing outwards.

19. With the white PVC facing upwards, repeat Step 17 to create a reel, with battery packs encased inside and wrap the lights around the reels, in opposite directions.

20. Remove the backing from one circle and place your hanging ribbon onto the sticky side. Place the final 19cm circle on top, with the PVC side down.

21. Spread glue onto the 14cm PVC disc and stick it to the back layer. Repeat for the front circle and the middle layer.

22. Finally, peel away the backing paper on the circular battery light holder and stick to the centre back of the large layer.


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