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Christmas DIY - Scandi Trees Embroidery Hoop Light Cover

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Hunkering down for a little hygge is just what's needed as the winter sets in, so we've taken the popular influence of Scandi interiors and combined it with Christmas, to make this delightful, yet minimal light cover.

Made with natural textures, in keeping with the Scandi vibe, this light cover could be decorated with anything design you fancy and it cleverly uses embroidery hoops as it's main frame. You can add a little sparkle too, by making Stick It PVC trees, covered in a festive fabric. Simply follow our step-by-step instructions to make your own.

What you’ll need to make your Scandi Embroidery Hoop Lamps

2 x 5 inch Embroidery Hoops




Festive fabric or felt

Clips or pegs

How to make your Embroidery Hoop Lamp

1. Measure out and cut your 41cm x 20 cm piece of Massai White Parchment.

Top Tip

If you are using larger or smaller sized embroidery hoops, use the following equation to work out the circumference of the inside of the outer embroidery ring.

Diameter of the inside of the outer ring x Pi + 1.5cm overlap

2. Loosen the embroidery hoops so there is approximately a 5mm gap between each edge of the ring where the screw sits.

3. Check the parchment fits by rolling the parchment into a tube, securing with clips at each side. Push the outer rings of both embroidery hoops over the tube and gently slide the inner ring inside of each outer at each end.

4. Draw a light pencil mark along the edge of the parchment at the seam.

5. Undo the rings and add a strip of double-sided tape in line with the pencil line. Rub out the pencil line.

6. Remove the tape backing and overlap one short edges of the parchment, sticking it to the tape to create a tube as before.

7. Fit the embroidery hoops back into the tube. Think about the position of the screws – these can be at the front of the lamp or at the back - and we also liked them facing the same way.

8. Take an off cut of Stick It Lampshade Making PVC and draw around a tree die cut onto the backing paper. Cut out and remove the release paper and apply a festive fabric. Cut around the fabric using the edge of the cut out Stick It PVC as a guide.

9. Lay the lamp on the table and position the die cut Christmas trees, using blu-tack to secure until you are happy with your layout.

10. Mark each tree position by lifting and putting a pencil mark at the base of the tree ready for repositioning.

11. Remove the trees from the layout, one by one, and glue in place using Bostik Fast Tak Spray glue or Bostick Glue Dots. If you've made a fabric covered trees, secure these in place using double-sided tape.

12. Complete your lamp by adding a string of LED lights or a few electronic tea lights.


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