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Christmas DIY – How To Make A Rustic Rope Light Wreath

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

An easy alternative to a more traditional wreath, we’ve enjoyed putting together this more rustic version, made with glittery hessian, a plain lampshade making ring and our new rustic rope lights, that add the all essential festive twinkle. Quick to make, this wreath makes a great base for lush, green festive foliage as well as being a great budget option. If you’re in full festive swing, go wild and add a bauble or two!

What you’ll need to make your Rustic Rope Light Wreath

15 x 145 cm Hessian 928 natural gold thread (available to buy by the metre)

Gold ribbon – 10cm wide

Festive foliage

5mm wire or cable ties

2 AA batteries

Wire cutters

Dressmaking scissors

Masking tape

How to make your Rustic Rope Light Wreath

1. Cut a 15cm wide strip of Hessian.

2. Bunch the short end of the hessian together.

3. Attach to the top of your plain ring, by wrapping the wire around the hessian, to secure in place.

4. Fold in the edges of the hessian at the back and secure again approximately 12 cm further along the ring.

5. Repeat all the way around the ring until all of the hessian is attached to the ring.

6. Take the raw end of the rope lights and attached to the top of the ring using the wire wrapping method.

7. Gently wrap the rope lights around the ring, using the rope to hide the wire wrapping every 12cm.

8. Secure the end of the rope with wire to secure in the same way you secured the starting rope.

9. Tape the battery pack to the back of the wreath using masking tape, ensuring the switch is accessible for turning the lights on and off.

10. Measure the width and circumference of the battery pack on the ring. Cut a piece of hessian a few centimetres wider on the long edge to allow for a hem. Apply double sided tape to the long edge. Remove the backing tape and fold in side to create a hem. Add tape along the short edges.

11. Stick the inside short edge to the underside of the battery pack then pull the hessian up over the battery pack and stick in place to cover completely.

12. Tie a bow using the ribbon and hot glue this in place, over the hessian battery cover.

13. Voila! You've made a Rustic Rope Light Wreath!


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