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Christmas Decorations - Duo of DIY mini wreaths

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

With plenty of evenings to fill, our duo of DIY mini wreaths are the perfect festive project for the run up to Christmas. Ideal for adorning an internal door, popping on a wall or even using as a table decoration, they're both an easy way to add something handmade to your Christmas decorating using Dannells supplies. Our Boho Raffia and Gold Luxe wreaths take as little time to make, as they take up space and can each be completed in around half an hour.

If you're a keen stash buster our Gold Luxe wreath is great for using up odds and ends from your crafting stash, such as ribbons, trims and you could even add a bauble or two! The Boho raffia wreath on the other hand will add a fresh twist to a festive home, and you can use any size of plain ring and with plenty of colours of raffia to choose from, you can pick and mix, to suit your style!

What you’ll need to make your Duo of Mini wreaths

For the Boho Rafia wreath


For the Gold Luxe wreath

60cm wide gold ribbon

150cm thin gold ribbon or bias tape

Dressmaking pins

How to make your Duo of Mini wreaths

Boho Rafia wreath

1. Take your 15 cm plain ring and wrap a short length of double sided tape around the width of the ring

2. Pull away a section of natural raffia from the hank and attach to the tape on the ring.

3. Wrap the raffia around the ring, moving it from the outside to the inside of the ring until the ring is completely covered.

4. Take another length of raffia and at the centrepoint of the length knot this around the ring. Continue until you have knotted at least 25 lengths of raffia or until you have the volume of raffia you want. Note that the raffia will be quite long, but you can trim these at the end.

5. Take a length of yellow raffia and tie 5 lengths to the right of the natural raffia. Repeat with the lime green raffia to the left.

6. There is a chance that the raffia wrapped onto the ring will have moves. If this is the case wrap a second length of natural raffia around the ring, on top of the first layer.

7. To create the coloured raffia at the top of the ring, cut a 1cm length of double sided tape and wrap this round the ring at the top.

8. Attach the lime green raffia and wind around the ring, stopping at an equidistant point from the top center of the ring. Secure with other pieces of double sided tape.

9. Repeat for the yellow section, but this time leave a length to double over an know to create a hanging hoop.

10. Trim the knotted raffia to a length you’re happy with and you’re done!

Gold Luxe wreath

1. Starting with your thinner gold ribbon or bias tape wrap this around the straw ring. Leave a longer length at the start and secure with a pin, before gluing until you have the ribbon wrapped in a way you like.

Top tip - we found it useful to follow the lines of the just visible string that hold the straw in.

2. Glue the start of the ribbon, using a hot glue gun and them glue the end in over the top.

3. Repeat with the gold soutache. We positioned ours in the centre of the ribbon for that extra bling! Again glue in place at the start and pin the end in place, leaving around 15cm. Fold the remaining length to form a fabric hanging and glue in place.

4. Take your peacock feathers and secure under the ribbon, positioning at angles to the wreath. If needed secure these with a spot of hot glue.

5. Create a bow with the wider gold ribbon – a wired ribbon helps the bow keep it’s shape. Hot glue to the wreath.

6. Ta dah! You’re done.


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