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Christmas decorations - DIY Festive Balloon glass lamps

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

So if you're a fan of the blog you'll know that we shared this festive project before, well last Christmas actually :), but we loved it so much we wanted to share it again.

Hacking our Candle Clip Lampshade Kit to make this clever balloon glass lamp can bring light to your Christmas dinner table in a super creative, and we have to say, expensive looking way. Something about this project says 'hotel chic' and while that might not be an option at the moment, our homes can definitely be the next best thing.

A candle clip shade’s traditional use is for chandeliers and wall lights due to the clip attached to the top ring of the shade, which slides over the bulb to secure the shade in place. With a small surface area they are ideal for using up fabrics or if you want to treat yourself to a luxury Christmas fabric they won’t cost the earth!

What you need to make your Festive balloon glass lamps

How to make your Festive balloon glass lamps

1. Make up your Candle Clip lampshades using the instructions in the kit or by following the steps in our You Tube video below:

2. Add an electronic tea light into the bottom of your balloon glass

3. Pop your shade on top and you're done!

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