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BEAM - How To Make Your Lampshade Business More Profitable

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Setting up a small business can be incredibly rewarding, but it also has to pay the bills. If you’re following your passion for lampshade making, either making lampshades to sell, teaching workshops or even retailing our kits, our range of Lampshade Making Packs provide bespoke solutions to meet your needs. Importantly each pack makes your end product more profitable, bringing the cost per lampshade down, and allowing you to focus your energy on being creative!

Manufacturers’ Packs

If the orders are streaming in and you’re making lampshades in bulk, our Manufacturers’ Packs offer more than just cost benefits. Packed in one streamlined box, that’s easy to store, each Manufacturers’ Pack includes all of the professional components and materials to make either 30 or 50 lampshades, depending on your chosen shade diameter.

Available in 16 styles of lampshade and a wide variety of sizes, each Manufacturers' Pack also contains flat packed Stick It® Self-Adhesive panel, meaning you can get to work immediately making your lampshade, without rerolling the panels.

Manufacturers' Pack - Business Benefits

  • Attractive low material cost per lampshade, compared to buying individual kits

  • Components and materials compactly stored in a streamlined box, for easy storage

  • Flat-packed lampshade panels, for immediate use

  • Available in 16 styles and a wide range of sizes

Start-Up Packs

The perfect combination for getting your Lampshade Making Business off to a flying start, our Start-Up Packs offer our lowest trade price and brings together some of our most popular Manufacturers’ Packs. Our Drum Lampshade Starter Pack combines 20cm, 30cm and 40 cm diameter lampshades AND offers you a whopping 20% off, the combined price, reducing your cost per drum lampshade to £4.39.

Available in a wide range of lampshade styles too, choose from Conical, Empire, Hexagon, Oval, Rounded Rectangle, Rounded Square and Table & Floor Lamps all of which are packed in our storage friendly slimline boxes meaning all your lampshade making needs are right at your fingertips!

Business Start-Up Pack - Business Benefits

  • Further 20% off combinations of our popular manufacturing packs

  • Immediate set up as a lampshade making business

  • Components and materials compactly stored in a slimline box for easy storage

  • Available in 8 lampshade styles containing 2 or 3 different sizes

Workshop Packs

Want to teach others how to make their own unique, professional lampshades? Our Lampshade Workshop Packs contain everything you need to create a profitable secondary income stream for your business.

Perfect for classrooms, craft courses, charity events and many more group-making activities, our Lampshade Workshop Pack supports the tutor to run engaging and creative lampshade making workshops at a low cost. Check out our FREE lampshade making workshop resources - YouTube videos, supporting blog posts and PDF teaching notes - ensure both you and your students get the most from every workshop!

Workshop Pack - Business Benefits

  • Accessible secondary income stream for workshop tutors, lampshade makers and craft retailers

  • Easy to use flat packed Stick It Self Adhesive Lampshde Panels for students to use

  • Comprehensive A4 Instruction sheets with colour photographs for each student

  • FREE resources to help you plan, market and deliver your Lampshade Workshop

Workshop & Retail Starter Pack

Created with lampshade makers, craft tutors and craft or fabric retailers in mind, our new Workshop Starter Pack helps you boost your business revenue, by teaching students how to make their own lampshades and selling them a Lampshade Making Kit to make after the workshop!

The Trade Pack contain 24 individually boxed Lampshade Making Kits making them easy to transport to a workshop and for your students to take home putting their lampshade making skills to immediate use. The Lampshade Workshop Packs contain 30 lampshade making kits, compactly stored in one box for easy transportation between workshops.

Workshop & Retail Starter Pack - Business Benefits

  • 20% discount on the combined price of Workshop Pack + Trade Pack

  • Great complementary product for craft retailers

  • Increased revenue opportunity by adding markup to the kits

  • Pack includes 30 workshop kits, plus 24 individually boxed kits for students to buy and takeaway

  • FREE resources to help you plan, market and deliver your Lampshade Workshop

Pimp Your Pack

Want to add some extra shine to your Manufacturers Pack? Pick one or an assortment of our metallic linings, available in Gold, Bronze, Silver, or Champagne or simply stick with our standard white Stick It® Lampshade Panels.

If you prefer a higher tack tape, simply exchange the Seamstick Tape, that’s included in the kit for either a Soft Furnishing Tape or an extra roll of Tessa Double-Sided Tape.

Trade Packs

Calling all craft retailers! Our Lampshade Making Kits complement fabric ranges, craft supplies and materials and offers a beginner beginner-friendly and unique craft activity for your customers. Our Trade Packs contain 24 Lampshade Making Kits, which are individually boxed with a cardboard box sleeve and integrated Euro Slot hanging hook, they are ready for immediate display. Visit our Trade Section to see all the Trade Packs available at discounted prices.

Trade Pack - Business Benefits

  • Excellent retail profit margins

  • Kits complement existing fabric ranges, craft supplies and materials

  • Individual boxed kits work in conjunction with Euro Hook and Slatwall retail merchandising systems

  • Practical, beginner-level creative lampshade kits that encourage secondary customer spend


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