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5 resolutions to kickstart your lampshade making year

Happy New Year! We’re finally in 2021 and we’re hoping it’s a better and brighter year for everyone. To celebrate our craft and your passion, we'd love you to kick off your lampshade making year with a bang and encourage you to try something new and exciting in 2021.

Whether you’ve been considering making your first Dannells Lampshade Making Kit for your home or are already an accomplished shade maker, take inspiration from and get creative with, our 5 resolutions to take your lampshade making to the next level.

1. Make a lampshade

Have you been coveting a lampshade that you just can’t find? It might be time to dip your toe into the world of lampshade making! So much easier than you may think, making your own lampshade with one of our Dannells Lampshade Making Kits needs no previous craft experience and just a few simple tools – fabric scissors, regular scissors and a clean flat surface.

And we’re here to hold your hand! Not only does your kit include easy to follow photo pictorial instructions, but we have over 35 You Tube videos , to support you in making your first shade with one for each of our Lampshade Making Kits.

Making your own lampshade is such a proud moment, we’ll guarantee that once you’ve made one, you’ll be straight onto your next shade!

2. Make a different shaped shade

You’ve now mastered the art of the drum lampshade, but fancy something… well a little more fancy? How about a more unusual shaped shade? Pick from oval, hexagon square, coolie and many more, we have plenty of kits that will add a real wow factor to your home, plus they come in a wide range of sizes too.

A rare find on the high street, our favourite is the Hexagon Lampshade Making Kit which screams modern and stylish. We love these super-smart double sided hexagon shades pictured below, with glowing copper interiors, by

Read our post for tips and tricks on making up your hexagon shade and if you’re feeling a little creative take a look at our hand printed hexagon shade blog post, with a full step by step DIY tutorial.

Hexagonal shades by
Hexagonal shades -

3. Start your own lampshade making business

We’re picturing the scenario... you’ve fallen in love with lampshade making, you’ve made one for every room in the house, including the shed and garage ;). Every friend you have received a lampshade for their birthday. It might be time to take the next step and start a business….

It’s amazing how one shade can lead to a whole change of lifestyle, but we’re proud to say that this has happened many times and we now support over 150 small craft business, who make lampshades for a living.

Will 2021 be your year to do the same?

Our Trade Packs, include everything you need to get your business off the ground economically and are available in Drum shades, Oval shades, Tiered shades and mixed size packs.

And if you’re not sure where to start setting up your business, take a look at our post, Tips for starting you own lampshade making business, and make your dream a reality this year.

4. Set up an online virtual workshop

If you’re already selling your shades and your lampshade making business is ticking over nicely then why not share your skills to create a secondary income for your business?

Last year was the year of the virtual workshop and we even hosted a few of our own! You can read our post here, that includes helpful tips on how to choose a virtual platform, promote your workshop, plan your kit, get your set up right and much, much more. We even supplied teaching notes to help you plan what to do and say!

Virtual workshops are a great way of expanding your customer base, drawing attention to your lampshade making business and reconnecting with your customers, especially if you hosted physical workshops before COVID-19.

5. Design your own shaped shade

Call off the search for the perfect sized shades as our Lampshade Designer Service, launched in 2020, takes the hassle out of getting exactly the right size and dimensions of shade that you want!

Maybe you’d like to replace an irregular shaped existing shade or create a commission for a client, but whatever your reason our game changing software allows you create and visualise your custom-sized lampshade creations.

And when you are happy with the design, you can either download the pattern or send it to us and we'll create your lampshade Stick It PVC panel for you. Click to our post all about our Lampshade Designer Service.

So make 2021 the year you challenge yourself and your lampshade making creations. Our Customer Service Team is always here to support you for whatever your next lampshade making adventure is!

Don't forget that our January #memadeshade Instagram competition is open for entries, so once you've made that shade, share it with chance to win £100 in Dannells vouchers!

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