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Go geo! Make a hexagonal shade

Making your own lampshades, means you can avoid the predictability of what the high street has to offer, but also bring a special soft furnishing into your home that you can be proud to say you made yourself.

But how about avoiding the even the predictability of a drum shade? Much as we love the all purpose drum, lampshade making just got a whole load more exciting with the Hexagon lampshade making kit. Better still you can use our expert tips below to perfect your shade.

Modern and stylish our hexagonal shade is very ‘now’, as trends for geometric designs can be seen everywhere from clothing to wallpapers and interior design. By using this popular contemporary shape, you can add to your interior design and create a look that’s not even seen on the high street and will be the envy of all your friends!

What’s in the kit?

As with all Dannell’s kits first and foremost you can expect professional materials for making up your hexagonal lampshade. All the components come neatly boxed and are professional quality, in fact exactly what you’d expect to find used on a pre-made shade. Here’s what you’ll get in your kit:

  1. 1 x Lampshade ring, epoxy coated

  2. 1 x Lampshade ring, epoxy coated with light fitting

  3. 1 x Self-adhesive lampshade panel size 536mm x 178mm includes 14mm kiss cut.

  4. 1 x 3mtr roll self-adhesive tape

  5. 1 x Rolled Edge tool for finishing

Hints and tips for making up

Although the hexagonal shade is a simple to make up as a regular drum shade, we’ve a few hints and tips to help you get professional results:

  1. Position your frames on top of each other and make a mark in the same position on each frame. An easy way to do this is to find the point where the epoxy coating (the white plastic that covers the frames) meets. Mark with a pencil and use this as your staring point when rolling the rings

  1. When attaching your frames to the Stick It PVC, makes sure your corners are nice and tight and flush to the frame. With a drum shape, this isn’t an issue, but for the Hexagon shape it’s good to make sure each corner of the hexagon is sitting tightly against the PVC.

  1. Remember to cut away the small section of fabric created by the overlapping fabric on the seam as this will make tucking the fabric under along the top and bottom edges easier.

How big?

Ready to light up every type of light from a bedside or office lamp to a standard lamp there is a Hexagonal lampshade kit, to suit your size of lamp. Starting at 15cm diameter, the kits are also available in 20, 30 and 40 cm diameters.

Easy watching

Even though each kit comes with a set of easy to follow step by step instructions, make your life even easier by and watching our Dannells Hexagonal Lampshade tutorial video, which chats you through each stage, with plenty of extra hints, tips and ideas for inspiration.

Show us what you’ve made up

We’d love to see your hexagonal shade so tag us and we’ll be sure to reshare your shade!

Facebook – @DannellsLampshadeSupplies

Twitter – @needcrafters

Instagram – @needcraft_

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1 comment

1 Comment

Elizabeth Makava
Elizabeth Makava
Jan 27, 2020

Hello. I have made 2 of these and I always get a bump at the seam that protrudes outwards. What am I doing wrong

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