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5 Quick and Easy Needcraft Kits for Easter Making

As self-indulgent as the abundance of chocolate coming your way, Easter Weekend is the perfect time for some relaxed crafting. To brighten up your home and garden and even help you organise your space, we’ve picked out our favourite Spring inspired Needcraft Kits, to get you in the creative mood. Better still they can be tailored to your unique interior style with your personal choice of paper or fabric. Happy making!

Time to Make

Brilliant for bringing a fabric you love into your home, whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned crafter, our Round Clock Making Kits are not just pretty to look at, but functional too! All you need is a 34 x 34cm piece of fabric, a clean flat surface and a pair of dressmaking scissors and you’re good to make.

Before you get started, our top tip to check the scale of your fabric, as smaller motifs work well on our Clock Making Kits. This said, we love this clock, made by Jennie of Doobry Firkin, which puts the fabulous retro motif front and centre. Take a look at our Square Clock Making Kits too, which have a slightly bigger surface area. If you prefer to want to play and mix up your crafts, why not try our Washi Tape Clock DIY tutorial.

30 - 40 minutes

Retro motif clock by Doobry Firkin

Spring Lanterns

With Spring peeping its head from around the corner (finally!) and an abundance of bank holidays heading our way, we’re hoping for plenty of time in our outdoor spaces, whether it’s a garden, a balcony or even the park. Set the scene with our Lantern Making Kits, which come either with or without tea lights, are perfect for using up scraps of fabric left over from other projects. Very easy to make, even for children, our Lantern Making Kits will add a warm glow to your evening, while we wait for the summer to start.

30 minutes

Store and Order

If you’re indulging in a traditional Spring Clean and are getting ready to clear the clutter and freshen up your spaces over Easter, our Sewing Bin Making Kit might be the answer you’re looking for. Not only the perfect way to store anything from crafting materials to toiletries, it’s also completely customisable to match your space. Simply pick a fabric you like and make using the photo instructions in the kit. Take a look at our customising tutorial, to add a central dividing section and a nameplate in our 'Back to school' - Ways to refresh & reorganise your craft space blog post.

45 minutes to an hour

Bottle it!

Got a favourite tipple with a pretty bottle? Our Bottle Lamp Holder Conversion Kit can transform it into a lamp base in less than 5 minutes!

Suitable for use with up to a 60 watt bulb, simply fit the flexible adaptor into any bottle that has a 17mm to 19mm hole and add a handmade lampshade, made using one of our Lampshade Making Kits. The kit comes complete with 13 A plug and approximately 2 metres of flexible cable and is switched on an off with a push bar switch, situated just below the light bulb. It really is as easy as it sounds!

5 minutes, plus around an hour for making up the Lampshade Making Kit

Bespoke Bases

Freshen up and reimagine your lighting this Easter, with our unique and completely customisable Table and Floor Lamp Base Kits. Cleverly engineered, using the same principles and professional materials as our popular Lampshade Making Kits, simply pick a patterned or plain fabric or paper, buy the accompanying electrical fitting and make an exclusive and striking Table or Floor Lamp Base that can’t be found anywhere else! We're loving the matching vibe, as pictured below, but this kit means you can go wild, matching or contrasting any fabric or paper that takes your fancy!

45 minutes to an hour, plus around an hour for making up the Lampshade Making Kit


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