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3 Essential Olfa tools for lampshade making

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

‘Give us the tools, and we will finish the job’ the proverb says, but what if those tools were made the job twice as quick and offered all sorts of creative opportunities? This is where our NEW range of Olfa products comes in helping you improve your lampshade making, and we’ve selected three products we think you’ll love.

Olfa Rotary cutter

If you’re making lampshades en masse or simply want to speed up your shade making, using a rotary cutter to cut away the fabric from the edges of your PVC can really make a difference.

To cut along the edge with precision, the trick is to use the edge of the PVC as a guide apply a little pressure to your rotary cutter to ensure a clean cut. Most importantly don’t forget to use a cutting mat to protect your surface - take your pick from regular cutting mats or our handy folding mats if you’re tight on storage space.

We’ve also discovered a rotary cutter is the perfect tool for creating a clean cut along the short edge of the lampshade panel which will show on the seam and it's also a useful tool for cutting down your fabric to size before you get started.

Available in 18mm, 28mm, 45mm and 60mm diameter there's a size for every lampshade!

Rolled Edge Creasing Knife

Firstly, if you’re a regular to our Lampshade Making Kits you’ll be familiar with the term ‘kisscut’, but if not let us explain. Getting a professional edge at the top and bottom of your handmade lampshade is achieved by tucking a fabric margin under the frame in the final stages of making. Handily, your Stick It PVC comes pre-scored with a ‘kisscut’ as part of the kit, which is removed to create the exact fabric margin needed.

The Olfa Rolled Edge Creasing Knife is used for putting a kiss-cut or score at a set distance from the edge of a lampshade PVC panel, creating the same ‘kisscut’ found in our kits and is specially designed for working with removable laminated material.

A fantastic tool for creating your own sizes, dimensions and shapes of lampshades, the Rolled Edge Creasing Knife can apply a ‘kisscut’ to your own Stick It PVC panels and do away with the fiddly measuring of fabric margins, resulting in the same professional finish you would expect with a Lampshade Making Kit.

The tool can be set to score cut a range of different widths, from 9mm to 18mm and is extremely useful if you need to increase your margins, for example when making a shade from thicker fabrics such as wool or tweed, to allow you more fabric to work with in when tucking in your margin.

Watch our Vimeo video below to see the knife in action.

Art and Graphics Craft Knives

An Olfa Designer Art cutter with Spatula Edge doesn’t necessarily seem naturally at home in Lampshade Making, but recently we’ve been playing with lampshade kit hacks that have cut out shapes and created this eye-catching hack for our lampshade making kits - Starry Night Lampshade, which includes a FREE PDF Template.

The Art Cutter is the ideal tool for any cut out design and as it’s held like a pen, it feels natural and comfortable in the hand, making cutting exceptionally precise. And as it’s so easy to use expanding your cut out designs to include more intricate designs should be a breeze!

Other Olfa products

And our range of Olfa products doesn't stop there! From utility cutters to quilt rulers and mount board knives to craft scissors, we have a tool for every craft project you'd like to make!


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