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Top 5 Creative Workshop Packs for Group Making

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Holding creative workshops is not only sociable and fun but also highly satisfying, as you inspire your students to make and learn! From teaching craft workshops at village fetes, huge festivals or in your own studio, to working with community groups, the scouts or the Womens Insitute, our Workshop Packs open the door to a fantastic range of products and a reliable secondary income stream for your business.

Take a look at our Top 5 Creative Workshop Packs to inspire your future workshops, ensuring that every student has a bespoke, beautiful product they can be proud of!

Our bestselling workshop pack, Lampshade Making has a huge appeal for potential students who want to make a shade that can’t be found on the high street. Helping you provide an enjoyable and informative experience, each Lampshade Workshop Pack contains all of the professional components and materials you need to teach drum lampshade making workshops.

Features of the pack are flat-packed Self-adhesive Lampshade Panels, for ease of use and comprehensive A4 instruction sheets with colour photographs for each student. To double the creativity, why not opt for a Double Sided Lampshade Making pack, allowing your students to use not one, but two coverings of their choice to make their lampshade.

Ideal for shorter workshops, our Lantern Making Workshop Packs are perfectly suited to school groups, scouts groups and community events, due to being a smaller scale product and the minimal time needed to make them! Containing all of the professional materials needed to make up 100 lanterns, why not combine lantern making with fabric customisation, such as block printing, fabric dying or machine embroidery?

With the added bonus of the materials being handily packed compactly in one box, our Lantern Making Workshop Pack is easy to transport between workshops and also convenient to store.

Tick tock, make a clock! Possibly our most unique craft product, holding a Clock Making Workshop really creates a real point of difference for your business. Included in the Clock Making Workshop pack is everything you need to make 30 clocks, along with the all-important clock mechanisms for which you can choose either all black hands, all white hands or a mixture of 15 sets of each colour. Better still our Clock Making Workshop Pack comes in two shapes – round and square

For a workshop that splashes the colour look no further than our Make and Paint Lampshade Workshop Pack! Containing pre-laminated lampshade panels, covered with a high-quality white polycotton ready for painting onto, all students need to do before making up their lampshade is get creative with their designs. From rag rolling, block printing, stamping, sponging and dry brushing, our acrylic paints are perfect for creating bold and durable designs, in over 23 colours. Great for school fundraisers, kids clubs and community groups, our Make and Paint Workshop Packs are a brilliant way of offering a workshop that guarantees artistic fun!

Bring on the bin! In a world where matching interiors speak volumes, our Waste Bin Making Workshop Pack has the potential to be combined with a Lampshade Making Workshop Pack to make not one, but two bespoke homeware products. Engineered to be made in a similar way to a lampshade, our robust waste paper bin self-adhesive panels come pre-adhered with a 12mm high strength double-sided tape, making them simple to make and with all our other Workshops Packs have flat packed panels.

FREE Workshop Resources

If you’re new to holding workshops using our Workshop Packs we’ve plenty of ways to support you, from blog posts, such as How to promote your lampshade making workshop which is packed with information, from considering your location to how to sell tickets to our FREE Lampshade Workshop Teaching Notes, which you can find in our blog library.

If you’re a visual learner and want to be confident making up any of the kits featured in this post, simply click on the links below to see our step-by-step YouTube Video for each product, so you can see how it’s done!

Also to promote your workshop add your details to our NEW Workshop Directory and Events Calendar, where our huge audience of wannabe lampshade makers and crafters can find you!


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