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Quick make Halloween lantern kits

Carving a frightening face in a pumpkin is an essential part of Halloween preparations but why not add a few handmade lanterns to your spooky display this year?

Our Lantern making kits are the perfect vehicle for some fantastic Halloween themed fabrics and great for casting spooky shadows! From monsters to skeletons and bugs to beasts each lantern can be made with a bespoke theme in mind.

Better still each four pack of lanterns come with individual child friendly tea lights and are easy to make for little hands, making them the perfect half term activity.

Halloween Hack

Why not make a eerie carry lantern for your trick or treating by punching a hole on each side of you lantern PVC before you add your frames. After adding the frames and completing your lantern simply loop some string or wire through the holes, to create a handle and you’re ready to go.

If you have little ones this is a great replacement to carrying a pumpkins as the lanterns are very lightweight and safer too!

Freaky fabrics

Great for highlighting a motif pattern, like out creepy crawlie below or a fun all over pattern like these cute ghosts and ghouls there are plenty of Halloween fabrics to choose from.

Check out our favourite eerie finds below…

Dashwood Spooktacular Bats available from Wool Warehouse – £2.99 per fat quarter

Dashwood Spooktacular Skeleton bones on black from Eclectic maker – £3.20 per fat quarter

Dashwood Spooktacular Ghosts available from FabricHQ – £3.00 per fat quarter

Tricks of the trade tutorial

If your unsure how to get started each of our Lantern making kits include step by step photo instructions or you can watch our video tutorial below, which will show you how to make a lantern and we’ve included lots of hints and tips to help you along the way.

And if you’re making with kids it’s a great way to engage them in the process – just pause the video until you reach the next stage!

So with Halloween just around the corner, there’s no time to waste in getting creative and don’t forget we’d love to see your makes! Tag us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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