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Playing with lampshade sizes and shapes

The beauty of learning the skill of making your own lampshade is that the world is your oyster. Whether you’re using a Needcraft kit or are making up your own shade size and shape using the individual lampshade making components, every size is possible!

Although we love the simplicity of a simple drum shade, you can also mix and match any of the following elements to create a shade that’s not only unique in term of fabric, but suits size of space you want to light.

Standing tall

The Dannell’s 20 and 25cm ring are often associated with smaller bedside lamps when paired with a shade that roughly equal in height. By maximising the height using Dannell’s Stick It PVC (available in 1m, 5m, 25m and 100m+ rolls) you can easily recreate a contemporary 7O’s vibe making a thinner, but super tall shade. The premeasured gridlines on the back of the Stick It PVC make it easy to cut. Remember to work out the circumference of your shade using the Pi formula and to add an extra 1cm to create your overlapping seam.

With such a tall shade, to ensure a strong bond along the length of the seam try our

If you’re not quite ready to go off piste and measure out your own bespoke lampshade size, another way of getting a tall shade is to make up one of our Floor Lamp Kits, which comes complete with metal feet and cover. This is a gorgeous example by our friends over at Light Fandango.

Big and bold

Go bold and pick one of Dannell’s largest size ringsets which measure a whopping 100cm wide! These are ideal for filling a big overhead space and work brilliantly as pendant lamp. If 1 meter feels too big then why not try a 60, 70 or 80 cm shade?

Paired with Stick It PVC, that’s narrower in height this allows the shade to give off optimum light. Especially if its hanging above a table, in a hall or even in a retail or restaurant space. The open space is the perfect vehicle for one of our Coloured PVC or vinyls to add that extra wow factor. We love this shade from Love Frankie. Check out their amazing statement shades in bold patterns here.

Cool Conicals

Add a point of difference to your shade by using a set of duplex rings to create a conical shade. Narrower at the top and wider at the bottom these ring sets adjust the gradient of the shade from top to bottom.

For example combining a 45cm diameter base ring with a 25 cm duplex ring for the top of the shade will create a Coolie Lampshade shape, available in kit form. The larger the distance between the two rings the more angled the side of the shade will be.

To create a more gradual angle choose to rings  that are closer together in size, such as a 35 cm duplex ring for the top and a 45cm ring for the base, such as this gorgeous bespoke Coolie Lampshade made by the very talented 

Parlour Made in a Villa Nova Norrland indigo fabric, using brushed metal copper backing PVC from the Dannell’s metallic backing range.

From replicating a retro look to simply wanting to make a shade that’s a little bit different you can use your lampshade making skills you can create exactly want with a little imagination!

Looks like it’s time to get creative!

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