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New Products - Macrame Making Materials

Macrame is no longer a craft that belongs in the seventies and with its hugely popular revival, we’ve got in on the game too! With the projects and skills of macrame lending themselves naturally to our super versatile metal rings, we thought why not go the whole hog and add a range of coloured cords, dowels and beads to our stock, so you can shop all of your macramé needs in one place!

Take a look at our new range of macrame goodies below, learn a few basic macrame skills and meet some incredible macrame lampshade makers.

Rainbow of Macrame Cords

With 21 coloured macrame cords to choose from, there are plenty of macramé projects you can make with the whopping 87 metres of cord on each spool. Perfect for making a basic macramé hanging basket taking, our cords are all 4mm wide and are great for for trying your hand a different knots and techniques involved in smaller projects.

Learning the basics

Getting to grips with macrame is easier that you think and armed with some cord, a wooden ring or dowel you can get started straight away! We liked this You Tube video below, from Gathered, that shows you 10 basic macramé knots listed below:

  • Lark's Head knot & reversed Lark's head knot,

  • Wrap or Gathering Knot,

  • Half Hitch pattern

  • Double Half Hitch

  • Diagonal of Double Half Hitch Knot (L&R)

  • Square Knot and Sinnet

  • Half Square Knot & Spiral Knot

  • Alternating square knot pattern

  • How to add a tassel

  • How to make a fringe

Wooden Dowels

Once you’ve grasped the macramé basics, wall hangings are an easy way to graduate your skills and make a bigger macramé piece for your home, or if you’re feeling generous gift to a friend. Our two sizes of dowel – 20 cm and 30 cm – that are the foundation of wall hangings are made from birch, have 5 mm pre-drilled holes at each end and come in plastic free packaging!

Macrame Starter Pack

Don’t want to go over board and build up a huge macramé stash? Our Macramé Accessories Starter Pack might be the answer. Containing a mixture of two sizes of wooden dowels (30cm x 1.2cm), three sizes of wooden rings (4.5cm, 5.5cm and 7cm) a 25cm metal hoop, 10 x 20mm wooden geometric beads and 20 x 25mm wooden round beads – that's 39 pieces in total!

Made from birch the small wooden hoops have a lovely warm tone and are fab for making hanging baskets, while the beads can be used for decoration. For a truly original make, try painting your beads using our acrylic paint range.

Macrame rings and frames

Metal rings are an essential element of macrame dream catcher style projects, as well as being a key part of lampshade making, therefore we have an abundance of sizes for you to use for either craft, from our smallest ring, at just 10 cm to our largest at 40cm, for a wall hanging and a half!

And we've got other shapes too! Try our gold hearts or rainbow frames, or for a more geometric feel opt for a white epoxy coated triangle, rectangle or square.

Inspirational Macrame Shade Makers

And of course, we couldn’t write a post without talking about lampshades and macrame ones at that! We’ve found some very talented makers, who have turned their macramé skills to lampshade making so give them a friendly follow and prepare to be inspired!

Freeland Home Designs


Instagram - @kharebavairina


Instagram - @macramespb

Co Vintage

Instagram - @co_vintage

Read our 2021 Meet the Maker interview with Co vintage to find out more about their love of macrame and lampshades!


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