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New Product - Outdoor Electrical Fittings

With a heat wave due any time now, our outdoor spaces quickly become our new homes. To compliment your lampshade making skills, why not create a striking outdoor lighting display with our brand new range of Outdoor Electrical Components. Whether using for yourself, or for a client, we’ve everything you need from hanging systems to fabric-covered wire and silicon lampshade fittings, all of which create fully customised and functional lighting systems, that are waterproof.

Outdoor ceiling roses

Create a home from home in your garden, on a balcony or terrace with our soft-touch silicone ceiling roses. Available in a variety of 9 different colours, you can easily match this to the fabric used on your bespoke lampshade, made from a Lampshade Making Kit.

All-weather fabric covered cable

Oil, flame and rain resistant our all-weather fabric-covered cable is specifically designed for outdoor lighting configurations, connecting to outdoor appliances such as lamps and outdoor lights. Coated in a cotton fabric this two-core cable will allow you to add a touch of colour – there are 6 to choose from - whilst still ensuring complete safety in your outdoor space.

Outdoor Lamp Holder

Why not pair your outdoor ceiling rose with a silicon Lamp Holder? We've 4 different coloured holders that are suitable for just bare bulbs, giving a contemporary feel to your space.

Equally, if you're a keen lampshade maker choose from either black or white Lamp Holder Fittings to attach your favourite bespoke shade to make a real statement.

3-Way Cable Connector Outdoor Use

These 3-way cable connectors allow you to design multiple outdoor lighting configurations. By using the existing connections of your installation or our 2 core outdoor fabric cables, you can extend the length and number of pendant lamps you'd like for your space. We love the contrasting green and white connector- very fresh and nature-inspired!

Make the shade

If you're new to lampshade making, why not explore our range of Lampshade Making Kits, that can be made using your own choice of fabric and with our range of outdoor electrical fittings above to really make your outdoor space shine. When looking for a kit to work with our Lamp Holders, check that the kit has a bayonet or Edison screw fitting, which you can find in the description of the kit on

For lampshade inspiration, check out our monthly Instagram competition by searching for the hashtag #memadeshade, to see hundreds of current and previous entries.


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