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New Lampshade Shape - How to make a Y-Frame Lampshade

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

New, novel and completely unique, our Y-Frame Lampshade ring set will certainly add a point of difference to your room! A shade like no other, the three arms create the Y or propeller shape, which is a fantastic vehicle for a plain fabric which enhances the unusual shape. For double the impact, pair with an eye-catching pattern!

Read on for more information on the materials you need and our step-by-step tutorial packed with plenty of hints and tips, to help you make this quirky Y-Frame Lampshade!

About our Y-Frames Lampshades

Used to make hardbacked or rigid lampshades, our Y-Frames can be used as a pendant or table light. As well as connecting with UK and European Lampholders LINK or pendant fittings, the ring set can also be used with USA Harp & Finial fittings, by using our converting washers.

The Y- Frame Ringset

1 x 30cm Diameter Propeller / Y Plain Lampshade Frame 1 x 30cm Diameter Propeller / Y Utility Frame 1 x E27 / E26 to B22 / E14 Lampshade Reducer / Converter Adapter (fitted)

Materials you will need

1 x Standard Lampshade Making PVC (see panel cutting measurements below)

Covering of your choice - woven fabric, wallpaper or paper:

  • 30cm diameter - 95cm long x chosen depth of panel plus 5cm

  • 40cm diameter - 125 cm x chosen depth of panel plus 5cm

Clean, flat working surface

Seam Roller (optional)


Ensure your covering is ironed and crease-free.

How to make your Y-Shaped Lampshade

1. Cut your Standard Lampshade Making PVC to size using the measurements in the box above.

2. Cut down your covering to a workable size. Place right side down and position the panel, backing paper side down on top.

3. When you’re happy with placement peel back approximately 5-10cm of the release paper and stick it onto your covering.

Tip: Use a weight such as tin to stop the panel moving.

4. Smoothing out from the middle, press the adhesive firmly onto the fabric pulling away until all the release paper is removed.

Tip: Check the fabric for creases. If you find one, peel back the fabric and smooth it down again.

5. Add our Self Adhesive Strip along the top and bottom of the panel, making sure the ends are in line with the short edges.

6. Cut away the surplus covering, with scissors, or a craft knife, using the edge of the panel as your guide.

7. Carefully remove the Self Adhesive Strip to avoid fraying, remove the kiss cut strip, which will reveal a margin of covering.

8. Apply Soft Furnishings Tape to one short side of the PVC panel.

9. On each frame, mark the centre of each frame along one of the short arm ends. Place over each other to ensure they match.

10. Apply 9mm double-sided tape to both of the frames. Apply evenly to avoid creases.

11. Press the tape down evenly and firmly onto the frames.

12. Snip the tape on each side of the frame at each inverted corner. The helps the tape wrap around the frame.

13. Remove the release paper. Position the frame marks (Step 8) on the PVC edge and start to fold towards the taped seam edge (Step 7).

Tip: Keep the frame in line with the PVC edge throughout. If you deviate, move back and correct.

14. Move the frames towards the taped edge. Using your fingers to bring the PVC panel up towards the frame and secure in place. Continue to move the frame along the panel.

15. When you reach the seam (the overlap) remove the release paper on the Soft Furnishing Tape.

16. Ensure the two panels overlap each other to create a continuous straight edge at the top and bottom of the panel.

17. Close the seam by gently pressing. Place the seam on a hard surface and apply firm pressure with your hand to close. If you have a seam roller this can help secure the seam.

17. From the top, push the fabric towards the inside of the lampshade and adhere to the rings.

18. Snip the covering in line with the struts on the ring, with the tips of the scissors, to allow the fabric to be folded behind.

19. Use the rolled edge tool, to push the fabric behind the rings. Push the tool into the gap and swipe round until all the fabric is tucked behind.

21. You will now have a professionally finished top quality lampshade

Love a Unique Shaped Shade?

Our Y-Frame lampshade is just one of many different frames and kits that we stock. If geometric takes your fancy, choose from hexagon, triangular or rectangular-shaped lampshades frames and kits. Prefer a softer edge to your you lampshades? Try a classic oval, rounded rectangle or rounded square, which are available as both frames and kits.


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