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#memadeshade July winner

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

It's great when you make or find a shade that fits all seasons, brightens up a corner and adds a touch of sophistication to your home too. July's #memadeshade winning lampshade ticks all of these boxes! Made by Neringa of, the contrast circles of green, blue and yellow certainly make this shade pop. Huge congratulations Neringa and your £100 voucher to spend on our Dannells website is on it's way!

Based in Lithuania, Neringa's passion for lampshade making has her experimenting with different shade styles, fabrics and linings and in our mini Q&A we find out more about her lampshade making journey .

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and the creative things that you do?

I am Neringa Laurinaitiene, a 46 years old and mother of 4 beautiful children, as well as being an Advertising and Design Project Manager and handmade lampshades creator.

I worked for 11 years in various areas of sales and management projects. From an early age I loved handicrafts (sewing, knitting, etc). When I was a teenager, store shelves were empty in our country, I used to buy BURDA fashion magazines. I still have mountains of them with my drawings. My first purchase for my own money at 16 years old was a PFAFF sewing machine which in those days made it possible to realize my small creative dreams.

Probably this innate desire to create and the natural needs for my home that came naturally from this, so sewing curtains, roman blinds, renovating lampshades, etc. This showed me the way to my beautiful, interesting and creative activity.

My studio and the house are located in a beautiful place in Lithuania city Kaunas nearby Šančiai oak park. The studio Chantier name originated from the French name of Šančiai which Napoleon gave to his fortress when he was rising through the river Nemunas in 1812 in Lithuania.

Are you a newbie lampshade maker or have you made up a Needcraft Lampshade making kit before?

This year in May I decided to renovate my lampshades at home. In that time I noticed Needcraft video on YouTube. It was such clear, concise instructions! I put in an order of lampshades materials from Dannells website. I created lampshades for myself, then for friends and finally I decided to create an Instagram profile because I wanted to create lampshades for all :) I love this activity and it is my passion now.

What do you love about the shade you entered for the #memadeshade competition?

I often mark the hashtag #memadeshade above the post because I know about this competition.

What’s do you like most about the Needcraft lampshade making kits?

As I said I haven’t actually used a Needcraft lampshade kits, I just watched the Needcraft videos on YouTube and studied this for myself. I then put in an order from Dannells for all necessary lampshades materials.

Any plans to make more lampshades?

Yes ! I have a lot of plans for future because it’s a very creative activity. There are a lot of ways to create many beautiful original lampshades. And I want to do this ! :) I would like to do this activity my main job because I love it very much.

July's most liked shades

This month's 'most liked shades' show that anything is possible with one of our lampshade making kits. From texture, to sunprints and light and dark fabrics - we really love them all!

Making the most of having the house to myself for possibly the last time for the next 6 weeks. No home-workers; no self-isolators and no school holidayers! Used the time to finally make myself a shade for my new lamp in this beautiful ikat by @christopherfarrcloth . As predicted, my partner hates the lamp - calls it ‘The Dalek’ and breaks into “we will exterminate” every time he enters the room! It’s becoming very wearing. 😩

Friday Feeling Happy. My lampshades are flying out of Pavot in Honiton with commissions to make even more , it’s lovely to have so much interest in them . As they are all individually Sun printed pieces of material , they do take a bit of time to make, but please do contact me and ask if there is a particular design you would like as I am happy to make bespoke Lampshades for you #artiststories@devonopenstudios

Who says threes a crowd!? 💖💖💖A little bit of pink paisley love on this very sunny Thursday!! Currently I only have 2 x 20cm drum lampshades in this fabric but hope to get some more of this fabric soon! 👍

Happy Thursday everyone and enjoy this gorgeous sunshine! ☀️☀️

Phew! The monster sized 70cm diameter lampshade completed. I’m so pleased with the outcome, it was a challenge & good to stretch myself & the size range I’ve made the Pebble shades in. The finished shade has now travelled to Scotland to its new home. What’s made this bespoke project so enjoyable has been the enthusiasm & support of my client. Thank you Elaine for your lovely feedback (see below) & supporting my #smallbusiness 🧡

“I have just arrived home and opened the box. WOW! I can’t tell you how happy I am , it’s beautiful. You have made a fabulous job I can’t thank you enough.”

Enter our #memadeshade competition

It's super simple to enter our #memadeshade Instagram competition. Just make a lampshade from any of our lampshade making kits and follow the steps below. And if you want to check out the hashtag #memadeshade for inspiration in advance, we've had over 4000 shades enter since we started!

Here's a reminder of what to do...

  1. Simply take a picture of your proudest lampshade from one of our kits and enter on Instagram following the steps below:

  2. Follow @needcraft if you haven’t already

  3. Post an image of a lampshade you’ve made from an @needcraft lampshade making kit and tag with #memadeshade and the type of kit you used i.e 30cm Drum shade kits, Square kit etc.

  4. And any size and shape can be entered so display those drums shades, exhibit your empires and reveal your rectangles – any lampshade from one of our kits counts!

For full terms and conditions click here.


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