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Meet the Dannells Team

Today, we’re going behind the scenes with the Dannells Team, to find out more about our fantastic staff, so you can put faces to the names of those who are always happy to listen and to support you in your lampshade making endeavours, making sure your always receive exceptional customer service!

Each of our team work in specialist areas of the business, yet all have developed a true passion for Dannells products, from years of lampshade making experience, personal knowledge and from helping you - our creative and professional customers! In today’s post, we thought we’d put them to the test and ask them to pick their one favourite product!

Meet the Dannells Team


David Little - Director and Owner

Initially joining Dannells as the Production Manager over 30 years ago, David now one of the major shareholders in the business. Alongside having an active role in most business matters, David is responsible for the Marketing, IT and Product Development functions, where his innovative mind is behind many of Dannells best-selling lampshade making products and ideas. 


Bringing drive, passion and enthusiasm to every project he’s involved with, David is inspired by seeing Dannells customers create beautiful products from ours kits and supplies, and how our Needcraft Lampshade Making Kits are continually developing new generations of lampshade makers and their resulting independent lifestyle businesses.


‘Designed to combat the dull and boring lampshades that can be found on the UK high Street, our Professional Lampshade Making Kits are a fantastic, generic structure for anyone to use to create beautiful lighting products to match their interiors or room theme’


James Dannell - Director and Owner

Building up a wealth of product and manufacturing knowledge, and considering himself a ‘lifer’ at Dannells working for the company in many forms since his teens, Jamie’s initial role in sales firmly established his passionate approach to customer service.


As well as enjoying his daily interactions with customers, and working within a ‘great team of lovely people’ Jamie brings experience, enthusiasm and notable people skills to his Management and Production responsibilities within his Director role. Motivated by the huge variety in his job and the need to maintain relevance with both the industry and with customers, he enjoys creating original, ground-breaking lampshade making products, which meet Dannells’ customer’s needs both professionally and personally.


‘I love the materials specifically woven and finished for use as lampshades, particularly the tactility of the different finishes, especially the velvet along with the vivid vibrancy of the prints’



Melina Hayes - Financial and Facilities Controller

Playing a crucial role keeping the Dannells business on track since 2014, Melina is our Financial & Facilities Controller and is responsible for the Dannells Finance, Office Management, Administration, Payroll and HR functions, along with anything else that doesn’t have a ‘home’!


Alongside her exceptional organisational and financial skills, Melina’s ‘can do’ attitude is visible in her love of the challenge and diversity that her role brings and she particularly enjoys being the ‘go to’ person for all staff matters. On a personal note, Melina’s six minute drive to the office is a huge bonus, but does mean she has no excuse to ever be late!


Favourite Dannells product: Professional Lampshade Making Kits

‘I’ve made five lampshades for my home and I’m pleased with the result, but professional Lampshade Makers definitely don’t need to worry just yet!’




Paul Dowling -  Print Manager

Managing all of print orders for both Dannells and its sister company, Needprint, Paul brings a wealth of printing experience to the role, initially working on print presses after leaving school and subsequently moved into an office based role. Working at Dannells since 2013, Paul enjoys all aspects of his role - the work, the people and the customers - but favours chatting to Dannells and Needprint customers, helping where he can, be it with artwork or explaining the printing process.

Favourite Dannells product: Lampshade Panel Printing Service and Needprint banners

‘We have some very talented customers who produce some amazing artworks’.



David Eddison - Procurement Manager

With responsibility for procurement and all aspects of managing the supply chain, since starting in 2020, David has brought his knowledge and ability to collaborate with colleagues to substitute manual processes with automation, in turn increasing efficiencies throughout the business. He enjoys working with the ‘great people’ in the Dannells team, and their focus on bring new and innovative products to the industry.


Favourite Dannells product: Professional Lampshade Making Kits

‘Our Lampshade Making Kits give you so much choice in adding a colour or design of fabric for enhancing your living space.’  



Diane Harvey  - Customer Service Manager

Using the extensive product knowledge she’s amassed since starting at Dannells seven years ago, combined with her friendly, customer focussed and efficient approach in her Customer Service Manager role, Diane loves helping Dannells customers achieve their goals in the most efficient and cost-effective way.


As the first point of contact for Dannells lampshade makers, Diane enjoys the sense of community her role gives her, not only from a customer perspective but the friendships within the Dannells office too, enjoying the laughter and support amongst her colleagues. That fact that she’s very local is also a big plus too!


‘I love our Table and Floor Lamp Making Kits, which are completely customisable, although I have always liked our Mangowood Table Lamp Bases'


Monica Franco - Marketing Manager

Keeping clients engaged and inspired alongside attracting new markets describes Monica’s role as Dannells Marketing Manager, in a nutshell! Since 2019, she’s been thinking up new ways to promote our products and brand through various digital and traditional marketing channels, supported by her background in Graphic Design, Brand Development and Finance.

A progressive and creative thinker, Monica gets satisfaction from approaching business challenges from different angles and searching for improved ways of marketing the company. Besides working with great people, she loves seeing how versatile our products can be and is continually inspired but our clients’ creations.

“I love how these materials take lampshades to a whole different level, adding interest and a touch of prestige even to the simplest lampshade”


Sam Sterken - Blog Coordinator & Demonstrator

Since starting as a demonstrator in 2015, Sam has represented Dannells, running lampshade demonstrations at exhibitions and events, and for the last four years has been writing the Dannells Blog.

Drawing inspiration from our extensive range of lampshade making and creative products, Sam’s weekly blog posts provide new ideas and educational information for our hobby and professional customers producing tutorials, product spotlights, lampshade style guides, as well as interviewing Dannells customers for the popular Meet the Maker blog post. Very happy to be part of the Dannells Team, she’s inspired by the Lampshade Makers Facebook Group and their lampshade making skills and abilities, ideas and endless community spirit!

Favourite Dannells product: Lampshade Rigid Frames

‘I love that you can make any size or shape of lampshade with our Rigid Lampshade frames  and I’m big fan of our Table and Floor Lamp Making Ringset, to create bespoke freestanding lamps’



If you have a generic enquiry, don't forget you can contact us by emailing or calling 01992 700311. Alternatively, you can contact any of the team directly on their email addresses, as listed above.

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