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Lampshade Inspiration - Making lampshades on a budget

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Making or crafting is a fantastic way to achieve a look on a budget and is guaranteed to be a purse-friendly alternative to shop-bought, not to mention the list of ‘feel good’ advantages that crafting for your home, your garden or as a gift brings. In today's post, we'll show you that making a lampshade is no different and as well as being a much cheaper option than buying shop-bought, it means you get exactly what you want for your shade as well as learning a few new skills along the way too.

Handmade v Highstreet

With the average cost of a high street lampshade being around £35 to £40 for a 30 cm drum shade, making your own immediately becomes a much more attractive option. At just £14.99, our equivalent sized Lampshade Making Kit includes professional-grade lampshade making PVC cut exactly to size, epoxy coated white lampshade rings, high-quality high tack tape and a rolled edge tools for creating a super professional finish. And you’ll be left with a generous £20.01 to spend on fabrics!

Shape Your Shade

Not only better for your decorating budget we also stock a whole range of different shapes and sizes of Lampshade Making Kit, you can pick a shape that you rarely see in the shops. Hexagons, squares, rectangles, ovals or even tiered lampshades, all offer a unique and individual look for your space and with each 30cm kit costing between £15 and £20, it makes them a real interior style steal!

Thrifty Fabric Picks

There are only a few simple rules when picking a fabric for making a lampshade – it must be woven and it can’t be too thick. This opens up lots of opportunities for recycling or upcycling, particularly when our 30cm drum Lampshade Making Kit only needs 100cm x 30 cm of fabric!

Sheets, vintage curtains and even charity shop clothing can be upcycled into lampshades. The fabric just needs to be stain-free, gently washed and ironed in advance of adhering to your lampshade making PVC.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the size and scale of the print on your fabric to make sure it will fit with the depth of the lampshade kit you choose. If you’re buying new, from your favourite bricks and mortar fabric store or online, the usual minimum buy is 40 - 50cm, which is perfect for many of our kits.

Matchy, Matchy

If you’re already making cushions, curtains or even upholstering furniture in your home, why not use any leftover fabric to make a complete matching set? By looking up the dimensions of the fabric needed on the Lampshade Making Kit product page, you could even plan in advance for a couple of 20cm drums, which make the perfect matching bedside shades or a 50 cm statement shade to enhance and compliment your other handiwork.


Having lampshade making supplies at your fingertips - check out for all things lampshade making - means you can get creative and recreate some high-end interior looks at a fraction of the price. If you’re after a luxe look check out our Metallic Range of lampshade making PVCs, which add a certain opulence to your shade and are very simple to use.

With tassels, fringing, bamboo and wood all creeping into our home interiors, and lampshade trends, we’ve highlighted our favourite Instagram DIY lampshades below, demonstrating how easy and innovative you can be to get the lampshade look you want.

Instagram #memadeshade competition

Don't forget if you've made a lampshade using one of our Lampshade Making Kits, you can share it with us on Instagram to be in with a chance of winning a £100 voucher to spend at!

All you need to do is tag your post with #memadeshade in a calendar month and the winner announced, early the next. We'd love to see your shade!


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