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Make a lampshade from a print design

As an illustrator it is always good to see your work employed in different ways so the bespoke printing service from Dannells is ideal for someone like me.

Last year I did some feather drawings and I was really pleased with them. I transferred these original watercolour and ink drawings into a fine art print. The print went down really well and I’ve sold lots but I did think the feathers would look great wrapped around a lampshade, which is where Dannells came in. They are the place to go to find out how to make a lampshade from a print design

Following the website’s instructions I supplied an image that fitted a 30cm lampshade kit and I was sent a beautiful light and flexible panel to create a lampshade with.

Ella Johnston Art_Feather Print picture

What I did next 1: You don’t have to iron this printed section, so you can just lay your printed piece face down and place the self adhesive panel on top, to check for size and positioning. Peel back a little of the release paper on the panel, position on to the reverse of the printed section and remove the rest of the release paper so it sticks, smoothing out from the middle as you pull. Turn over and smooth out again, removing any creases or bubbles. Snap back the scored edges on the panel and remove. Place a strip of double-sided tape on the edge of the covering. Set aside.

2: Cover the internal rings with the double-sided tape. Remember If your covering is directional you need to think about which ring to place at the top or bottom of the panel. For the utility ring (where the bulb fitting goes) needs to be placed at the bottom if you are using it with a base and top if you are handing the shade, so make sure your covering is the correct way before continuing to the next step.

3: Put the sticky rings on the edge of the PVC panel, not the fabric, and start rolling along the straight edge, joining with the double-sided tape when you get to the end, pressing firmly together. Push the surplus fabric over the rings. Use the kit’s tool to tuck the fabric underneath the rings on the inside of the rings for a neat finish.

Ella Johnston Art_Feather Print lampshade

What do you think? I love it!


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