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Loving our customers with loyalty points!

loyalty points

We love our customers so much that we are introducing a new customer loyalty points scheme!

It’s our way of giving something back to thank you for your custom!

Collecting your points couldn’t be easier.

Every time you place an order with us to buy your lampshade making supplies you will be awarded loyalty points when your order is despatched.

You can redeem the points against any future orders, or you can save them up and spend them when you wish.

All you need to do to collect your points is register a password the next time you place an order.

When you go through to checkout you have the option to register and save your password.

Then you can login to our website using your email address (your username) and enter your password.

If you forget the password you can at any time click for a reminder that will be emailed to you.

The Benefits of Registering: If you register you not only receive loyalty points but you also gain Quick Checkout on future orders and Easy Order Tracking

Happy shopping!

and as always, please do send us your thoughts, impressions and musings so we can keep making things better!

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