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Learn to Make a Lampshade at a Lampshade Making Workshop

Learning to make a lampshade doesn’t have to be a solo activity. With a huge range of creative and skill-building lampshade courses to choose from, we think you'll be spoilt for choice! Complete beginner or professional maker, find a course to suit you from our list that teach a variety of skills, from your first traditional soft lampshade or modern hard lampshade to advance your existing lampshade making skills. By soaking up the expert knowledge and advice of an experienced maker, in a warm, friendly and most importantly of all fun atmosphere, you can pick from group workshops or 1-2-1 courses, either in person or online.

The Lampshade School

Joanna Hepinstall's book Sewing Lampshades is a go-to for many lampshade makers, (read our blog review here) why not treat yourself to a day course specialising in learning the techniques and skills of a specific style of lampshades or take your shade making to the next level with a Lampshade School 4-day course.

Type of lampshade course: Traditional

Style of lampshade: Tailored, Gathered, Plated and Advanced Tailored and Advanced Pleated Lampshades and Dyeing for a Lampshade

Course Delivery: In-person

Where: Wiltshire

JS Interiors

A qualified interior designer, Jaqueline Schultz is a talented soft furnishing specialist with an eye for detail and a passion for interior design. As well as teaching several soft furnishing courses, she shares her lampshade expertise with her in-depth traditional lampshade courses.

Type of lampshade course: Traditional

Style of Lampshade: Gathered/Pleated, Classic Tailored, All Gather and Knife Pleat Lampshades

Course Delivery: In-person 1-2-1 or small groups (2-4 people) and online

Where: York

Silkworms and Cottontails

With plenty of lampshade knowledge and experience to share, Elizabeth Pegg at Silkworms and Cottontails, teaches a variety of traditional lampshade making courses from her home, focussing on traditional shades in cotton, silk and linen, also covering the skills of lining and adding trimmings.

Type of lampshade course: Traditional

Style of lampshade: Gathered Lampshade, Tailored Lampshade (Bowed Empire), Domed/ Umbrella Lampshade

Course Delivery: In-person 1-2-1 or small groups, options for group courses in other venues

Where: Solihull, West Midlands

Jenny Fraser Lampshades

Establishing her own business in 2012, Jenny has been making gorgeous lampshades ever since and with extensive experience under her belt, she also teaches and passes on her skills to interior designers and individuals alike, through her highly recommended courses.

Type of lampshade course: Traditional

Style of lampshade: Gathered and tailored lampshades, Advanced Lampshade techniques and pleating

Course Delivery: In-person; 1-2-1 or 1-2-2 or online; 1-2-1

Where: Hampshire

Moji designs

A City and Guilds trained upholsterer with a background in interior design and textile printing, Moji offers in-depth one-to-one and group workshops, including one-of-a-kind lampshade-making masterclasses at her lampshade making studio, not only teaching you how to become a confident lampshade maker, but offering business advice as well.

Type of lampshade course: Traditional and Modern

Style of lampshade: Range of shade shapes covered in the following - 3 Day Lampshade Making Masterclass, 5 Day Lampshade making Masterclass, 3 Day Vintage Lampshade making Masterclass or a Bespoke Masterclass (a range of

Course Delivery: In-person

Where: Brighton

Minerva Workshops

Founded by Lottie Cole, Minerva Workshops host a range of masterclasses taught by artists and artisans, as well as regular weekly classes. Reflected in the course programme, is Lottie’s skill and experience as a lampshade maker, which she shares in her range of courses. Handily you can also buy lampshade frames in the shop.

Type of lampshade course: Traditional and Modern

Style of lampshade Gathered, Pleated, Parachute and Hard Drum Lampshades

Course Delivery: In-person and online

Where: North West London

The Lampshade Loft

Jane Warren is not only a talented lampshade maker and teacher, with years of experience, but also a key, and highly thought of member of our Facebook Lampshade Makers Group. Since studying a City & Guilds in Soft Furnishings and advanced level Design & Craft, she's been addicted to lampshade making ever since and has much knowledge to share. Partnering with Clothkits, Jane currently teaches workshops in Chichester, as well as offering bespoke online 1-2-1 sessions.

Type of lampshade course: Traditional and Modern

Style of lampshade: Traditional hand-sewn lampshade (bowed empire), Contemporary Drum Lampshades, Little Liberty Lampshade garland

Course Delivery: In-person and online

Where: Chichester, West Sussex

Hannah Redden

After studying for a degree in Textile Design at Art School, Hannah worked for a vintage fair company and became the owner of a large collection of vintage lampshades, which culminated in her developing the skills and passion to make and recover lampshades. Now running lampshade workshops, as part of her successful Interior Design business, her favourite part of teaching is watching the reaction of the attendees when they get to see the finished product.

Type of lampshade course: Modern

Style of lampshade: Drum lampshades - small lampshade, pair of small lampshades, large and extra-large

Course Delivery: In-person

Where: Bristol

Lume Lighting

From her studio in Hove, Joanna runs regular lampshade making workshops, bringing with her passion for lampshade making and her desire to start beginners on their lampshade journey. Over the past 5 years of teaching, she has taught workshops in a variety of venues and is happy to cater for lampshade making parties and team-building workshops for businesses.

Type of lampshade course: Traditional and Modern

Style of lampshade: Drum Lampshade, Fairy Lights

Course Delivery: In-person

Where: Bristol and Hove


Using tissue, wrapping, wallpaper and packaging, during a Paper Shades Lampshade Workshop you can’t fail to create your own completely unique lampshade. Once you’ve completed your design, Papershade's founder Ros will print this onto five panels and teach you how to make your lampshade using her innovative Papershades wheels.

Type of lampshade course: Creative

Style of lampshade: Fluted paper shafe

Course Delivery: In-person

Where: Muswell Hill, London

Parlour Made

Talented lampshade maker, Marie Munro of Palour Made, in collaboration with Woodblock Printmaker Maud Boothby from Fungus & Mold, will teach you how to make a beautiful geometric hand-printed lampshade. Post fabric panel printing, Marie will use her extensive knowledge to take you step-by-step through how to make a drum shade.

Type of lampshade course: Creative

Style of lampshade: Wooden block printed drum lampshade

Course Delivery: In-person

Where: Chichester, West Sussex

Teach your own Lampshade Making Workshop

If you’re a lampshade maker wanting to teach lampshades, not only do we supply Lampshade Making Kit Workshop Packs, but you can also find plenty of useful resources and advice on our blog.

Our Lampshade Making Kit Workshop Packs are specially designed for the classroom, workshop or any group-making activity and contain everything students need to make professional handmade lampshades using their design of choice and are available in the following sizes and panels.

Alongside the professional lampshade making materials, each pack contains clear and comprehensive instruction sheets with colour photographs to support each student and we can also supply PowerPoint presentations and videos for additional support.

Once you’ve purchased a Lampshade Making Kit Workshop Pack, check out our educational blog posts on how to Promote your Lampshade Making Workshop with Dannells, using our Lampshade Workshop Calendar and FREE banner offer and our information-packed post on How to run your own Virtual Lampshade Workshop, which even includes teaching notes.


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