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Lampshade Inspiration – Stick It Metallic Lampshade Making PVC

Updated: Mar 28

Make your next lampshade a metallic one! Easier than you think to achieve, try making a glowing, sumptuous and expensive shade inner using our Stick It Metallic Lampshade Making PVC. In this post we’ll walk you through our range of four different metallic finishes, how to use them and of course show off the gorgeous shiny shades available!

How to use

As simple to use as our standard Stick It lampshade Making PVC, just remove the release paper and laminate your choosen fabric to the self-adhesive side. Handily the release paper has a grid for easy measuring and cutting, dependent on the size of your shade. Take your pick from beautiful decorative liners in Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Champagne and range of finishes below.

Stick-It ® - Brushed MetalIic

Delivering a lustrous colour and a burnished sheen, our Brushed Metal self-adhesive lampshade making PVC has a smooth, brushed effect and brings a touch of industrial chic to any lampshade. Great for plain and patterned outer shades, we've seen this used to bring out the texture in a plain fabric.

Available in: Copper, Gold, Silver

Quantities available in: 2 metres, 5 metres, 25 metres & 100 metres

Specifications Width:120cm Vinyl Thickness: 300micron

Stick-It ® - Metallic Emboss

With a similar texture to orange peel, our Metallic Emboss self-adhesive lampshade making PVC, has been manufactured to be completely ‘block out’, meaning that light cannot travel through it, allowing your outer lampshade covering to be unaltered. The textured element gives a warm, lustrous glow and helps direct light downwards making this the perfect product for a statement pendant light.

Available in: Champagne, Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Quantities available in:

1460mm x 500mm

150cm x 2 metres, 5 metres, 25 metres or 100 metres.


Block out sub-liner Vinyl Thickness: 300micron

Stick-It ® - Mirror finish

As it sounds, our Mirror Finish is a beautifully reflective lampshade making PVC, that has a high shine that you can literally see yourself in! Great for adding a luxurious and high end feel to your shade, we’ve also included a smart built-in protective plastic film, which is easy to remove once the lampshade is completed, for a pristine finish.

Available in: Gold, Silver/Chrome, Copper

Quantities available in: 2 metres, 5 metres, 25 metres & 100 metres


Fitted with a removable protective film

Width: 134cm wide Vinyl Thickness: 300micron

Stick-It ® - Spanish Metallics

The most muted metallic in our range, our subtle, but very effective matt opaque Spanish Metallic Lampshade Making PVC, is perfect for an understated lampshade inner to compliment a bold coloured or patterned outer covering.

Available in: Silver and Gold

Quantities available in: 2 metres, 5 metres, 25 metres & 100 metres

Specifications High performance cast opaque film Width:122cm Vinyl Thickness: 300micron

Double the bling

If bling is your thing, then we can help you make your lampshades even shinier! Use a combination of one of our four Metallic Stick It PVCs and add a choice of Gold, Silver or Copper shiny Hockey Stick Metallic Trim, as @cheekypickleshades has below for the ulitimate shine!


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