Kid’s bedroom ideas – Decoupage picture frame

Giving a nursery or kid’s bedroom a bright and colourful revamp needn’t break the bank. We have two fab, crafty ideas that will give a kid’s room a fun new look.

Does your kid’s bedroom need an injection of the WOW! factor? Kids bedroom accessories can be fun and easy to make and will instantly refresh a tired room. Learn how to make your own decoupage picture frame and look out for Part 2 next week for more kids bedroom ideas.

Part 1- Decoupage picture frame cork board.

You will need: A Dannells shabby chic, ornate, unfinished picture frame A lampshade kit A lamp base kit  Plus the crafty know-how in this tutorial to make cool accessories for a little one’s bedroom.

1: How to decoupage: I decoupaged the Dannells picture frame with torn strips of wrapping paper. You do this by covering the frame with PVA glue and layering strips of dampened paper with a sponge over the frame, fixing and moulding the paper around the contours of the frame with a brush. Once it’s completely covered with paper strips, cover the frame with a layer of PVA glue.

2: To make the picture frame into a cork noticeboard I measured the inside of the frame (the ‘window’) and cut the cork to size, making sure the cork was larger than the ‘window’ by roughly three cm on each side, to avoid gaps. I then placed the cork onto the back of the frame and secured it in place with backing board and duct-tape.


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For more kid’s bedroom ideas look out for Part 2 next week

For more inspiration on making home accessories see here and here.

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