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Julie Williamson Designs is a textile designer and maker from Whalsay, Shetland


 Julie Williamson creates unique hand drawn designs for digital and screen printed fabric. Original hand sketches are reworked in Photoshop to create repeat patterns for digitally printed fabric.


Influenced by old French Toile De Jouy and Shetland Fair Isle knitwear patterns, she combines these with her own personal style and uses her own stories and memories to create beautiful scenes for each design.


Tammie Norie Fishing

Tammie Norie Fishing

 This design was inspired and influenced by memories of going down to the banks (shore side) with my dad catching Peerie (little) fish the same as the tammie nories (puffins) You can see clearly the Fair Isle knit pattern in the background.

Shetland Starlings

Shetland Starlings

This design came from my original greeting card collection, the Shetland starlings collection originated from an old colourful photograph of a starling my dad took. Along with my love of Fair Isle patterns I combined the starlings and Fair Isle to create this unique design.

She is strongly inspired by her home Shetland, with its rich heritage and culture which can be seen within her fishing and crofting designs


Gaddering Da Peats

Gaddering Da Peats

This design was inspired by memories of when I was a peerie bairn (small child) going with my family into the hills when they were casting peats and I would play with the dogs and pet the wild Shetland ponies.

Her strong bold colour pallet comes from Shetlands beautiful landscape from the blue and green stormy seas to the purple and red heathery hills.


Lampshade collection – old croft house doorway

I love how the weathered door compliments the design’s colours.

Shetlands weather also features in Julie’s ‘Tactile’ collection, inspired by Shetland’s summery dusky nights and misty mornings, creating a more neutral colour pallet.


Shetland sunset – view outside of my sitting room window


Keeping with her Shetland theme each design uses Shetland words and dialect.

This design is called ‘Aff At Da Eela’ it was inspired by the local eela competitions, which is when you go off in your peerie (small) boats to see who can catch the most fish within a set time.

The one time I was in the competition I only caught 1 fish and got the boobie prize haha.

My Tips for lampshade making:

  1.  I tend to use quite lightweight fabrics such as sateen cotton as I find it lets the light through and gives off a nice sheen.

  2. use Pinking Shears to cut the fabric it stops it from fraying.

  3. Once assembled make small cuts into the fabric where the lamp struts are, this makes it easier to wrap the fabric around it.

  4. When tucking in the fabric to the shade I find my thumb nail works best for this job or an old credit card.

For more of her designs and there story’s you can check her website at or follow on Instagram and Twitter @JulieWDesigns and

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