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Interiors inspiration: The natural trend

It’s been top of the shops for a couple of years and the trend for natural materials in interiors is definitely here to stay for 2021.

From string to bamboo and hessian to cork, the natural trend allows you to add interesting textures to a room, that aren’t just pleasing on the eye, but also create a great sense of balance too. It’s fit perfectly with our current need to bring the outside in.

The upside of this interiors trend? It slips effortlessly into place due to its muted tones, textured and barely there presence, while also adding something comforting and organic to your home.

We all know lampshades are a great way of updating your home if you’re on a budget - even more so if you make the shade yourself - and to this end we’ve put together combinations of natural materials and lampshade making materials below to get exactly the look you want.


Using our hessian fabric, a natural and plain dyed open weave textile, woven from jute, gives lampshades an organic and textured look. Add extra warmth by combining this with our copper double-sided Stick It PVC.

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Our laminated compressed cork looks great lit or unlit and is an easy way to achieve the natural trend, exuding a soft warm glow as the light diffuses through different parts of the shade.

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Bias binding


Fun to use with it’s irregular texture, rafia has become a key part of the natural trend, used in everything from wall hangings to place mats and there is nothing stopping it being used for shades too.

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Natural raffia (also available in a wide range of colours)


Simple, yet very pleasing jute string has a myriad of craft uses. Combine it with our table lamp kit (or floor lamp kit if you’re feeling brave J) to replicate the current high street shade trends.

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Jute string

Natural fabrics

Cotton lampshades bring a rustic and understated beauty to any scheme and we stock a range of versatile natural fabrics suitable for lampshade making.

Check out our Leanne fabric which has a subtle slub weave perfect for creating a fresh, informal feel in a room.

For raw and undyed look, try our enduringly popular 100% natural calico fabric Lenette, which is scoured and still contains small cotton seed which add to its natural appeal.

Our Wexford is a cotton based slubbed linen look and is our most popular natural material for making soft or rigid lampshades and available in two colours - Natural and Bleached.

Cool Cork Shade tutorial

If you can't wait to get started, take a look at our Lampshade Kit Hack #4 – Neon Stitched Empire Cork Lampshade tutorial, that uses an Empire Lampshade Making Kit and our cork laminate, trimmed with neon t-shirt yarn for a modern twist!


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