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I made a lampshade, it was so easy!

lampshade kit

How easy is it to make a lampshade with a Needcraft lampshade kit?

Jo will show you how!

We were lucky to meet Jo, fellow blogger and now lampshade maker at the recent trade show, CHSI Stitches. Jo went home with a 30cm Needcraft lampshade kit from us (£11.66 for one £8.74 for more than two!) and has just brought out this wonderful blog post showing how she made her lampshade using a Needcraft lampshade kit with beautiful images. Hasn’t she chosen the perfect fabric! Love the bright colour on the raw looking background.

To follow the tutorial, Take a look here!

Below are more of Jo’s lovely creations found on her blog! and here is her lovely intro:“My name is Jo, I make something everyday! I love to give crochet and sewing lessons. I have a lovely family with two little girls. We live in beautiful Shropshire. My favourite colour is green, any green!”

Go and check her out NOW!

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