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How to start you own lampshade business with Needcraft’s ‘Business in a Box’

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Lampshade business = EASY!

1- Buy a ‘Lampshade Business Starter Package‘ containing everything  you need to make small, medium and large Lampshades saving you 20% off the full price! 2- Start making lampshades for you, your friends and family… 3- When you know which of our items your customers love, use our Needcraft ‘Manufacturers’ Pack‘ for a variety of sizes and start selling online/ local shops/ market stalls etc – You now run your own lampshade business!

Our ‘ Business in a Box’ manufacturing packs offer everything you need to start making your own products for retail! All the essential components are supplied compactly in one box at the most economical rates.

It’s never been easier to design and sell your own products. You don’t need to rely on orders from retailers, you can sell your lampshades immediately through online shopping channels like Folksy/ Etsy/ Ebay Amazon etc…


To show you how possible it really is we want to share with you one of our customers videos about how The Lampshade Company did it their way…

Need more inspiration? Find out about successful business woman Lisa Lampshades here and the uber talented Joanna Heptinstall here.

Like the idea and want some guidance? Take a look at this great book Handmade lampshades or at our long list of lampshade workshops here.

Photo credits:

Top left- Deryn Relph

top right- Joanna Heppinstall

Bottom left- Kati Harris Design

Bottom right- Detola and Geek

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