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How to make a mini lampshade garland for Spring

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Clear your mind and get creative - that’s our new mantra. In these unusual times we couldn’t think of anything better than letting your mind focus on making and getting the reward and satisfaction of making something from scratch.

Using scraps or fat quarters of pretty spring fabric, off cuts of Stick it lampshade PVC and a few simple steps, you’ll find this mini lampshade garland comes together in no time. It’s even something you could even make with the kids at the weekend or as a creative home schooling activity, to while the hours away.

We’ve made ours with a 10 LED light set, but you could go crazy and make one with a 100 lights and mini shades! And why not?

What you’ll need to make your shade

10 pieces of pre cut 20 x 6 cm Stick It Lampshade making PVC

Mini butterfly clips or brads (usually used for scrapbooking)

5 fat quarters or off cuts from your stash

Revolving hole punch

Fabric scissors

How to make your mini lampshade garland

1. Take your strips of pre-cut Stick It PVC and apply 2 pieces to each of your 5 fabrics.

2. Cut around with fabric scissors so you have 10 pieces, two of each colour.

3. Use the revolving hole punch to make two holes at the top and the bottom of one of the short sides. These need to be at least 0.5 cm away from the edge and the long edge. Repeat on the remaining pieces. Make sure the hole is smaller than your butterfly clip or brad.

4. Roll the mini lampshade so the short edges overlap by at least one centimetre with the punched holes on the inside of the shade. Using a pencil mark through the holes on the other side.

5. Roll flat and punch holes at the points marked. These should match the first set of holes.

6. Punch a hole approximately two centimetres away from one of the holes along the long edge. The LED light will be pushed through this hole, so we found it best to use a larger hole size.

7. Between the holes at the short end nearest to the LED light hole, run a strip of double sided tape between the two holes.

8. Remove the backing from the tape and roll the lampshade from the un-taped end and stick the shade together using the tape, whilst also lining up the holes.

9. Place a butterfly clip/ brad in each hole and fasten on the inside of the shade.

10. Position a small piece of double sided below the LED light hole and remove the backing.

11. Push the first LED light on the string through the hole and hold in place using the tape. Repeat on the remaining shades, alternating the fabrics as you go.

If you're feeling extra creative why not add some trim to the top or bottom of each mini shade? We think our mini pom-pom trims would look great!

And if you’re looking to brighten up someone else’s day this would make a great gift for a friend or relative that needs a little cheering up.

Happy making!



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